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Springfield City Council Committee Exploring Idea of Electronic Libraries


SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB) — In Springfield, efforts are underway to bring an electronic library to the city.

The Maintenance and Development Committee of the City Council is exploring re-using library branches that are closed to utilize new technology while promoting reading.

The idea is that people could bring in a tablet or e-reader, and download reading materials.

“There are a couple of branches that have been closed and no one wants to see any of their branches closed. Reading is very important, we try to promote it, so at the present time, we’re thinking of taking a look at the Liberty site, which will become a senior center and maybe using that as a pilot,” explains City Councilor Kateri Walsh, chair of that committee.

Walsh adds they hope to have a plan finalized by spring for an electronic library in Springfield.

  • HonestABElincoln

    All the electronicization going on is great, but the old backups need to stay in place. Things like cable TV, cell phones, and the internet will be the first things to go down in any kind of attack. Before we had hardwire landlines, no longer. We head broadcast TV we could watch in an emergency. With all that technology, think how easy it would be to control and take over a country? I worry that this government has a plan for us, and giving away free cell phones is one way to build reliance on the technology that in the end could be our ultimate downfall. Keep your landline phones, and antennae TV, and a ham radio, you never know when technology can fail you.