Man Taken to Hospital After Fall in Northampton

NOHO FALLNORTHAMPTON (WGGB) — One man is in the hospital after falling onto a Northampton sidewalk Saturday afternoon.

Northampton Police say a man fell from a stone ledge several feet off of the ground. They were not able to specify how the man fell.

Northampton Police and Crime Scene Services responded to find the man on the sidewalk of Strong Ave.

ABC40 crews on the scene could see blood in the area where the man fell.

Police say he was transported to Baystate Medical Center, but were not able to speculate on the severity of his injuries.

  • yaaykt

    Actually… If you knew the area, you would realize that where they’re referring to is a high ledge, about 10-15 feet off of the ground.. If that’s where he fell from, it’d be a fall that could have resulted in a serious injury (he fell onto concrete.. He might’ve fractured his skull, easily broken bones…). Perhaps you should know what you’re talking about before making juvenile comments.

  • HonestABElincoln

    And facts are you have no firsthand knowledge of where he fell either, do you? If you want to make guesses, mine is as good as yours.

  • yaaykt

    The article clearly says “several” feet, not a few feet. What is a “jurk”? We’re you tempting to call me a “j-e-r-k”? Lastly, you do not know whether or not I have any firsthand knowledge of what happened.

  • Nyrebel9

    @ yaay, just ignore abe, it’s obvious he didn’t take his happy pills this morning. I hope the man recovers from his injuries. He could have tripped on something or bumped by another pedestrian. It was an unfortunate accident.