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Women Describe Serious Side Effects from Essure Birth Control


(WGGB) — It’s a permanent form of birth control, marketed as a “surgery free way” to prevent unplanned pregnancy.

The makers of Essure — Bayer, Inc. — say their product has a 99 percent success rate, but some local women argue Essure is not only ineffective, but it’s dangerous.

“From the minute I got it, I woke up in excruciating pain, I had heavy bleeding, I couldn’t get out of bed for four days and they just kept telling me it would resolve itself and my body is just getting used to it,” says Melanie Goshgarian of Burlington.

“I had scar tissue built up that tethered and pulled and attached my organs all together, so my bladder and my uterus and my abdomen were all kind of attached and had to be cut apart,” adds Maria Larsen of Holliston.

“It’s just been pure hell the past two years, really,” says Jessica LaVallie of Palmer.

For three Massachusetts mothers who were finished having kids, Essure seemed too good to be true — an easy, in-office procedure where doctors insert small coils into the Fallopian tubes, creating scar tissue and permanently preventing pregnancy without a hysterectomy.

“I was given a brochure, it just seemed like a vacation package — in a couple hours you’ll be fixed and you won’t have to think about this for the rest of your life,” says Goshgarian.

However, LaVallie says her experience was quite the opposite.

“Less than 24 hours after the insertion, I was back in the hospital and I was in the hospital for five days with an infection,” she says.

Over the next two years, LaVallie says those two small coils took over her life — incredible pain and fatigue, memory loss, blinding pain from migraines, and  bloating so severe she often looked pregnant.

All three women say they encountered skepticism from doctors, who were unsure their symptoms were connected to Essure. It wasn’t until they went online and found a Facebook group with thousands of women describing similar symptoms that they finally found some answers.

“It’s just not me, this one person in Palmer who has this issue,” says LaVallie. “It’s this huge global thing that’s happening.”

She adds, “We’re just trying to make awareness, that’s our goal.”

Now, famed attorney Erin Brokovich is leading the charge, creating an online petition to get Essure off the market. On her website, many women express concern about the components of the coils — materials like pet fibers and nickle.

“If you do a skin test for nickel, it’s not the same as having nickel in your body and you know, when your body fluids are touching these things, they change,” says Larsen.

Goshgarian wasn’t allergic to nickel when she had the device implanted. Now, five years later, she’s allergic to metal.

“Just getting dressed — it’s shoes, it’s pants, it’s clothes, it’s everything that touches you — even opening the door, like I have all the doors open in my house. I come home and I think about ‘How am I going to open my front door today?’ because that’s going to make me itchy for a half-hour,” says Goshgarian. “Keys, just even paying at a parking garage when I was waiting for my turn, I had a quarter in my hand, I felt a pain in my neck and my back and I’m like, what is going on now?”

ABC40 reached out to several local doctors who implant the device. They say they’re happy with the product. However, they declined to go on-camera.

There are hundreds of doctors and patients who have filed adverse event reports with the FDA.

For most women, a hysterectomy to remove the coils is only way to reverse their symptoms.

Goshgarian says she’s spent at least $20,000 on doctors visits and surgeries this year alone, but the coils are out of their body and that’s something all three women agree is worth every penny.

“I just had my partial hysterectomy a month ago and, honestly, I’m starting to feel like me again and it’s been a very long time,” says LaVallie.

Many insurance companies cover the cost of having Essure implanted, but they don’t always cover the cost of a follow-up visit where doctors check to make sure the device was implanted properly.

Goshgarian tells us she received a $3,500 bill for her follow-up visit, but some women can’t afford that.

The makers of Essure say those women aren’t following the FDA approved 5-year instructions for use, so their subsequent side effects, coil perforations and pregnancies aren’t taken into account when the company claims Essure is 99 percent effective.

ABC40 reached out to the company that makes Essure — Bayer, Inc. — and asked them to respond to complaints about their product’s safety.

Bayer tells us: “We are saddened to hear of any serious health condition affecting a patient using one of our products, regardless of the cause…The FDA found that ‘Although there is evidence of complications, as there are with all medical devices, overall results from this study did not demonstrate any new safety problems or an increased incidence of problems already known.’”

Right now, consumers cannot sue Bayer, Inc. because Essure is classified as a Class Three Device by the FDA, barring anyone from filing a lawsuit against the manufacturer.

Erin Brokovich is currently working to rescind that classification with an online petition, which currently has more than 5,000 signatures.

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  • Robin Taylor

    It is unfortunate these women had to go through this agony.

    I had it done four years ago and I absolutely love it. I watched my gynecologist perform the procedure. It was a little uncomfortable but not bad. The follow-up was quite uncomfortable, but better than having to raise a kid.

    I recommend it, but a couple things to remember… everyone is different and every doctor is different.

    Do your own research and ask questions.

  • alpinequeen

    From the beginning, the medical profession has looked upon women’s bodies as being flawed. If men had to give birth, there would be a birth control pill for men. This procedure is tantamount to the continued gross mutilation of women’s bodies.

  • marlar

    Thank you for bringing attention to such a life altering products. There are almost 4000 woman on the Essure problems page because of the media support. With your help we are helping other woman to make an educated decision, one that was not an option for many woman. This month I will be 6 months free from the pain, inflammation, brain zaps, hair loss, memory issued and other issues caused by Essure. I can honestly say I have my life back, its a good feeling. Its amazing how we don’t realize just how sick we are, until we are not any longer!

  • nicole

    Omg i have this birth control and I have the same symptoms This is crazy now i know why i fill like crap all the time

  • Ki

    This is real talk I’m going threw the same thing an my doctor keep telling me he can’t remove them Im about to crack up they are unbearable I need help?……

  • tracy

    I have had my essure for 2 years. No problems at all.

  • Teresa Burton

    I have the essure put in almost 4yrs ago I am having real bad pain in lower abdominal is this one of the side effects of the essure

  • Cassie

    I just had this procedure done sept 2013, and I have heartburn all the time which I never did, my emotions are extremely up and down and I’ve been asked what’s wrong wirh me. Maybe these coils are what’s wrong with me

  • jessica

    Hello ladies. My name is jessica, I’m from el Paso TX, I’m 25 years old and i have almost 3 months that i got the essure procedure. At first i didn’t really want to get it beacuse of this site and 5 more, that only says bad experiences and bad things about this procedure. Then i talked with my husband and my dr, and we finaly decided i was going to take it. Now im verry pleased and happy, during the procedure i didn’t feel paid, maybe i felt a lil bit uncomfortable, but not pain. After I didn’t do anything at all, my husband didn’t go to work to help me woth my kids, but no pain, and untul this day still mo pain at all. The only thing my period is different than before, but not heavy or anything what makes me be concerned. Just wanted to share my story because there are only negative things about this procedure, but I guess depends of your own faith and body.

  • Ashely Morgan

    I’m 25 I had this done 2 years ago and last year I had to get a partial hysterectomy because my coil came out and was lodged in my uterus. I was bleeding black stuff. I was in and out of the hospital for months. Now after I’ve had the hysterectomy I’ve had serious issues with my bladder and other internal organs.
    Not recommended at all!!!

    • Thaz

      Hi I had the essure in november and have not had a regular period the doctor said it’s due to the depo shot for several months I’ve had a light black tar period for two days just wondering if you bleed a lot of the black stuff thanks

  • Nellie Duarte

    Im 36 years old and a mother of five children. After my fifth child i did this essure a year later. Thinking it would be good instead if just tying my tubes and no more birth control pills, depo, iud…but After going on six 1/2 years with this essure i never felt so miserable in my life. It hurts to have a relationship, Im always feeling bloated, i never know when im going to start my period. I always have abdominal pain. Ive gone to the ER various times with sharp pains supposedly its an infection but nothing to bad. I take medication as directed. Weeks later that pain is there again to take away the pain i take ibruprofen or other pain medicine. I have never felt this way since ive had the essure. The thing that bothers me and is very painful is when me and my husbsnd are having a relationship. He says he even feels a little funny. I really want the coils out but i cant afford it. Can someone please help me. I really want the pain to go away.