State Police Say They Have Truck Linked to I-91 Deadly Crash Investigation

TruckSPRINGFIELD (WGGB) –New developments in the investigation into Sunday’s deadly crash on I-91.

ABC 40 was the only station on hand Monday night as State Police towed a vehicle into their Springfield Barracks on Liberty Street.

State Police confirm the dark-colored pickup truck is part of the investigation into the deadly pile-up on I-91

However, they stopped short of saying whether it’s the pickup that may have caused the accident.

That vehicle is described as a dark-colored, open-back pickup truck – seen by witnesses pulled over near mile marker 2.2 with a couch in the bed.

That pickup truck left the area and it wasn’t long after, a car and truck collided.

The crash happened on I-91 North in Longmeadow, killing a 17-year-old.

The initial investigation found that road debris – possible a couch cushion – caused the young driver to swerve and hit the truck.

His car burst into flames.

“We believe that a pickup truck may have been involved in dropping the road debris. That people were seen carrying a couch on the highway, and returning it back to that vehicle right after that happened the vehicle left the scene and that fatal crash happened almost simultaneously,” said Sgt. Al Joubert of the Massachusetts State Police.

Stay with ABC40 and Fox 6 for the latest information, as we continue digging for information into this case.

  • cd

    Unfortunate that the 17 y.o. maneuvered his vehicle into another, and caused a fatal collision.

    • alpinequeen

      It’s also unfortunate that 17 year old drivers don’t have much driving experience.

  • garythibault

    young driver i would have drove over the cushions not swerved into the truck its not anybodies fault nobody should go to jail over an accident thats why its called an accident.he should not have swerved to young to drive.. just like if you had a choice to crash or hit an animal you hit the animal…

  • work4aliving

    Should’ve been using the Waze app…

  • dontcrankmeoff

    Darn it! My IQ went down 3 points just by posting in this thread.

  • dontcrankmeoff

    Finally a legible post that makes sense. Marti-Ann, the cushion didn’t fly out in view of the victim or big rig, it was already laying in the road. Nobody witnessed it actually fly out except maybe the guy with the couch. In this case it really sounds like the couch and all flew out of the bed onto the highway. The pickup then stopped and they were seen carrying the couch back to the pickup truck. Apparently they didn’t realize the cushions were gone too, or did and decided to not risk fate by walking back on a busy highway a half mile (probably took that far to stop after the couch flew out)in the dark, on foot, for a cushion, and may or may not have known it was in the roadway. If he knew the best way would have been to risk his own life to retrieve the cushion, but that’s not likely how most of us would think. I like most would have figured the cushion was little or no hazard, probably in the bushes at the side. and that walking back not knowing how far back it was was more hazardous. But a combination of bad luck came along, and I can see how even an experienced driver could instinctively serve thinking a large square could be a solid object, and make that decision in a split second at highway speeds, is a life or death decision that could be anyone since a tiny jurk of the wheel can send you out of control.

    • alpinequeen

      You use too many words to say nothing of any importance.

  • Scrunch707

    Yes I agree it was an accident as far as we know nothing was done intentionally,however like someone posted MA law requires that any load be properly secured. If not properly secured the operator is responsible for what happens. As far as I would of run over cushion I guess you have superior eyesight to know an object in the dark at 70 mph is a soft couch cushion. Prayers to the young mans family.