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Voters Accuse Candidate of Pretending to be African-American

TEXAS ELECTION FLIERHOUSTON, Texas (WGGB) — Less than a week after winning a local election in Houston, Texas, one winning candidate is already caught in the middle of a controversy.

Dave Wilson, a white Republican, won the local election by 26 votes in a primarily African-American district. But now a recall is being called for by several people who are questioning his campaign strategies.

He ran against Houston Community College Trustee Bruce Austin, who had held the position on the Board of Trustees for 24 years.

Wilson released fliers for his campaign, depicting several smiling African-American faces.

But the faces were of random pictures pulled from the internet. And many feel it also included a misleading endorsement.

The flier reads “Endorsed by Ron Wilson” and goes on to describe Ron as Dave’s cousin. Ron’s name resonated with local voters as a black, former state representative.

However, Dave says this Ron Wilson is in fact his cousin who lives in Iowa, not the former representative.

Many are calling for a recall, because of accusations that Wilson tricked the voters into thinking he might be African-American.

  • dontcrankmeoff

    Gee, Texas having race issues? I never would have figured…

  • weasel

    Kind of like the slime Senator from MA that declared herself a Native American and scammed the system to get education benefits, etc. etc.