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Mass. Consumers Cannot Keep Cancelled Health Plans

BOSTON (AP) — Massachusetts will not allow consumers to keep health insurance policies that fall below the minimum requirements of the federal health care law.

State Insurance Commissioner Joseph Murphy said in a letter sent Monday to an Obama administration official that substandard insurance policies are “virtually non-existent” in Massachusetts because of its first-in-the-nation health care law that took effect in 2007.

In a reversal of policy, the president announced last week that millions of Americans would be allowed to renew individual coverage plans that otherwise would be cancelled under the federal law in 2014.

Murphy wrote that unlike most states, Massachusetts has had a minimum benefit level for six years and that almost all health insurance policies are currently at or above the new national standard.

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  • alpinequeen

    This is a cafeteria state government where they pick and choose which Federal laws to uphold. What about the Federal law against marijuana?

  • Nyrebel9

    The insurance companies cannot renew peoples policies as it would violate the obamacare law. Their hands are tied. Obama does not have the power to change the law that congress passed. It is a matter of time before obamacare is scrapped. 87% of americans were happy with and able to afford their health insurance. Obama lied to the american people and the program was doomed to fail from the start. The american people do not want to fund another entitlement program for the 13% who cannot afford insurance. Obama is merely playing robinhood taking from the middle class to give to the poor. He is a failure and he knows it, now desperately trying to dig himself out of the big hole he in. He has failed as a president to lead and improve this country as his giant ego is his priority not the needs of the american people.

  • rdominick

    Yet the American people voted him back in for a second term??

  • WMassMom75

    He was re-elected because most of his lies hadn’t come out yet. The repercussions of his actions weren’t fully evident until his second term had already begun. And at this point, he can’t be elected again, so why should he give a shit about how this all plays out? Just like everyone else, he’ll leave the mess foe the next prez to fix. See what happens when a non-American minority is given so much power over hard-working, tax-paying Americans? Obama is like a deadbeat dad – screws as many people as he can and bails on the messes he made.

  • alpinequeen

    So we have an unpopular health care law designed to further shift the balance of wealth and also designed for the young to bankroll the older people. We have the Common Core Curriculum which will result in the further dumbing down of our children to make them more docile and unopposed to future sweeping Federal changes which has been forced on the states. This is the same government that is trying to bankrupt Social Security and Medicare by simply letting them exist without making needed changes to ensure their viability and which will be changed at the last minute to yet other unpopular mandates. This is the same government that can’t run the USPS in the black and that refuses to balance the budget. This is the same government that has spent trillions on the war on drugs, poverty and terror and all three are out of control. And who really knows the real truth about terrorism in this country? Our country is being slowly taken away from us for the benefit of special interest groups and those in power.