Neal Says Budget Plan Won’t Extend Unemployment Benefits

richard neal

SPRINGFIELD, Mass (WGGB) — The House budget deal doesn’t include any extension of unemployment benefits. That means benefits for 1.3 million long term unemployed will expire.

Congressman Richard Neal is one of a number of Democrats signing a letter to the House Republican leadership to extend those benefits. He told ABC40’S Dave Madsen Thursday afternoon that it will not be included in the budget proposal they’ll vote on tonight.

Neal adds that the budget plan, while not perfect, is better than shutting down the government.

“That’s the factual reality of what we’re discussing. We’re a minority in the House of Representatives. I think that the deal we have here stands up under the magnifying glass of critical analysis, based on substance, based on policy and I think it’s a small confidence building measure that might allow us to proceed next year getting rid of some of the suspicion and the excitable language that has plagued this institution,” Neal explains.

Lawmakers from both parties predict that a desire to call a cease-fire in Congress’s budget wars would carry the bill through the House tonight and the Senate next week.

  • kobekhan

    I thought the Lazar beam focus of the current administration was getting people back to work.

  • MichelleH

    As far as the extension is concerned I just started receiving the extension. This is not a matter of not looking for a job, but not finding one. On an average day I submit over 20 applications.

    The fact that some people are saying that those on unemployment do not want to work is not a fact. We worked and lost our jobs through no fault of our own. The government is stopping the extension and sending out letters on how to apply for welfare, food stamps and free health insurance. How does this make any sense? I pay taxes out of my unemployment and do not receive much but they would rather I do not pay taxes and go on welfare to make the unemployment numbers look better?

    If I could find a job I would be working right now. Looking for work is a full time job and not having a place to do every day to work is killing me. I would accept a job when one is offered. But the unemployed are going to have a hard time finding a job since we are going to be homeless after the holidays.

    The fact is the extension is not something that was not already in place and it does not mean those that have exhausted the extension already, will receive more. It just allows the same amount of weeks that are already in place.