Parking Spots Hard to Find for Christmas Eve Shoppers


HOLYOKE, Mass (WGGB) — Most of us had some last-minute errands and shopping to do this Christmas Eve, just hours ahead of many holiday gatherings.

But with packed parking lots at the Holyoke Mall, the task gets quite a bit harder.

From California to Texas and all over the map…drivers try to squeeze into one lot.

Nobody said a quick mall trip would be easy.

“It’s chaos in there,” said one tired shopper.

Circling in and out, all around without a space to spare. Hurry up, wait, then zip on in.

It’s all about coming with a strategy.

“You got to kind of keep your eye out, read where people are going,” said Matt Goldstein as he looked for a space to park his car.

For others, it’s more of some holiday good fortune.

“I was very lucky, one car was pulling back and I saw the spot and it’s my lucky day,” said Iwona Szweda of Springfield.

Test to prove the point— after we moved our news vehicle out of a parking spot, it only took about 2 seconds for another car to swoop in and take it.

And the exclusive front row spots go even quicker.