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Troops Spend Christmas in Afghanistan


(WGGB) – While many of us were cozy at home this Christmas, our service members continued fighting for freedom overseas. Like American Troops serving in Afghanistan. A festive Christmas lunch was served at the Coalition military base in Kabul, right near the U.S. Embassy compound, which came under Taliban fire early Christmas morning. No Americans were injured. Some Troops at the Christmas lunch sent home messages to their loved ones.

Colonel Jeff Thrower, Base Support Group Commander Said: “Merry Christmas. I can’t wait to see them again, it has been
almost a year and I will be glad to see them again, once again. Merry

Major Leslie Desanden, Deputy Inspector General said: “Merry Christmas, I miss you all so much (family), but I will be home next year and we will be together for the next Christmas.”

This year marks the 13th Christmas overall for American Troops in Afghanistan, and may be the last. U.S. combat troops are scheduled to be withdrawn from Afghanistan in 2014.

  • TheScottishWeasel

    FIGHTING FOR FREEDOM???? What a load of horsesheet. They/we are murdering woman and children in countries we have no business being in. The Afghanistan government does not want us there, the Afghani people do not want us there. The American embassy bombing is a clue WE HAVE NO BUSINESS OVER THERE! We are murdering innocents, not this BS story about fighting for freedom. If a country wants to be free it is up to the people, THEIR people to fight for freedom, not for the worlds policeman to step in and take over. The USA is the worlds largest terrorist organization in existence.