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White House Says Gov’t Can’t Force Kimmel Off Air

kimmelWEB WASHINGTON (AP) — The White House has responded to a petition calling for an apology and the removal of Jimmy Kimmel’s television show by saying the comedian can’t be forced off the air.

More than 105,000 people signed the petition on the White House website. It followed an October broadcast of ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” featuring a segment in which Kimmel spoke to young children about U.S. government debt owed to China.

One boy said “kill everyone in China” when Kimmel asked how the U.S. should repay the Asian power.

In its response, the White House noted that ABC and Kimmel have apologized, and that the network has removed the segment from future broadcasts and its online platforms.

The White House also noted that the Constitution protects free speech, even when it’s offensive.

  • TheScottishWeasel

    WTF? You want HIM removed because of what a sick little kid said? That boy is mentally ill, and there was nothing funny about that. Blaming Kimmel is pretty stupid. That kids parents should be visited by the DSS people. Only a sick, twisted mind teaches that kind of thing to young kids.
    Was this scripted? If so that changes it. But with such a poorly written article it is hard to tell.

    • rick1959

      Don’tyou have a life,oh ya I guess not,you are a real weasel,no,no,Im sorry your just Stupid get a life ,moron

      • TheScottishWeasel

        Suck my koc Rick.

  • commonsense

    Scottishweasel you are an idiot. It is a skit that was on Kimmels show. There for the child was an actor for the skit in the show. Hence why Kimmel and ABC apologized because it ended up offending some people. Stop commenting on everything and try paying attention more often before opening your mouth. You look like a complete fool all the time.

    • TheScottishWeasel

      No sheet you Fing genius? I guess that’s why I asked if it was a script, or just a kid making the kind of comments that kids make. You imbeciles are assuming it was a script, and I doubt it was. The producers would not have run it if it would be that offensive. These same 100,000 people are the same idiots who are for the tea party. We just have lot of stupid people, who want anything that offends them taken off the air. Tiny minds, and tiny egos.

  • Jake

    The weasel is a fukkin jakkass!!!!! He clearly has issues with literally everything that us posted on here! Get a goddamn life!

    • TheScottishWeasel

      You suck koch, don’t you jake?

  • rick1959

    That’swhat this country needs to get back tominding there own business, this country was built on freedom of chice, if you don’tlike a tv program change the channel,and stopthe frickin whinning,panzy nation thats what we have become,I agree with you sir.

  • Missle1234

    The weasel is a moron that lives in her parents basement. Get a life

    • TheScottishWeasel

      Thanks for last night Miss, and sorry about the broken condom.

  • TheScottishWeasel

    Lets all just be glad that Obama is in the White house, because if that had been Bush or McCain they would have ordered an air strike on the tv station.

  • Dingys

    Whiddle weenie weasel wikey widdle weenie.