Springfield Looks for Ways to Improve Biking and Walking in The City

Travel-BikeSPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB) – Improving access to bicycle and pedestrian paths in Springfield was the discussion of the night Thursday at the “Armoury Quadrangle Civic Associations” monthly meeting.

Officials from the city and MassBike were on hand to address what keeps people from biking and walking, and what can be done about it in neighborhoods and downtown.

“The benefit of having a pedestrian and bicycle plan is that you basically give a city the layouts of how to implement a plan and different infrastructure and introduce a culture that is really already existing around the country,” said Jimmy Piereria of MassBike.

People talked about what they see as problem areas and what could be done to improve them.

  • TheScottishWeasel

    I agree with Ginnie. Who the heck would risk their life riding their bike thru the north end bike trail? Or any part of it. Drunks, junkies,homeless, and gang members getting high. Why not call it what it really is, a place for homeless to camp out where the public doesn’t have to see them.

  • TheScottishWeasel

    Actually, there is a way to make it safe. Encase the entire length with bullet proof lucite, have cameras all along, and only one way in, and one way out, and a guard at both ends armed with machine guns, grenade launchers, lazer weapons, anti tank missiles, and a nuke, then I MIGHT feel safe in Spfld IF IT were elevated half mile over the city. Then just maybe.

  • TheScottishWeasel

    All Scott dids was make Holyoke 10x more dangerous. Before him did they have murders and shootings several times a week? No. He chased out the punks that were afraid, and now they have the baddest of the bad who are NOT afraid of cops, or to kill someone. He did far more harm than good, and suckered in fools like you.

  • TheScottishWeasel

    Chief Scott is best known for participating in a raid where he stuck a double barrel shotgun in a mothers face while she held her 8 year old and 2 year old. What a big man.