Appeals Court Upholds Sex Change for Mass. Inmate

BOSTON (AP) — A federal appeals court has upheld a judge’s ruling granting a taxpayer-funded sex change operation for a Massachusetts transgender inmate serving a life sentence for murder.

Michelle Kosilek, who was born a man, was convicted in the 1990 murder of wife Cheryl Kosilek.

Kosilek sued the Massachusetts Department of Correction after prison officials refused to grant her request for sex-reassignment surgery. A federal judge ruled in 2012 that the surgery is the “only adequate treatment” for Kosilek’s gender-identity disorder.

Kosilek now lives as a woman in a men’s prison.

State prison officials appealed the ruling to the 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. The court ruled Friday that the 64-year-old Kosilek is entitled to the surgery.

Prison officials argued that there are legitimate safety concerns of protecting her in prison if she has the surgery.

  • tiredofthemedia

    awesome. What great news

  • russellmaher

    I think some judges remove their brains when they put on the black robe and ascend to the bench. Excessive education and zero common sense may be to blame.

  • Jake

    This state is F—ed up…….

  • tiredofthemedia

    I have no problem with the fact that he wants to be a she. I don’t even care that the state is paying. My problem is the fact that someone can murder someone, go to jail then basically hold up their middle finger to the state and win in court. Seems to me jail is no more than state funded housing that you can’t leave at night. I’m tired of hearing how many rights these criminals have.

    • TheScottishWeasel

      You really should try it sometime, and we’ll see if that stupid opinion gets repeated. I just idiots who say jail is a big ol partee!

  • TheScottishWeasel

    I am all for prisoners rights, but this request is way over the top, and for the courts to uphold it is absurd.
    I say we play a joke on him, and tell him he’s getting the operation. Then when he awakens we will have tattooed a target on his rear end. Then off to General Population he goes.

  • TheScottishWeasel

    @alanratka: Like your daddy did to you stubs?

  • TheScottishWeasel

    “Wendy Jackson-Snape on Facebook on Friday, January 17, 2014 at 4:07 pm said:
    This is TOTAL BS. Let that jerk die in prison like he is supposed to! Maybe he’ll stop breathing before the surgery.”

    You are mentally ill, far more than he.

  • TheScottishWeasel

    “Wendy Jackson-Snape on Facebook on Friday, January 17, 2014 at 4:16 pm said:
    We can only hope that something goes terribly wrong with his surgery.”

    Good point! After seeing the botched job they did on your brain surgery, and reconstructive face surgery, it proves there are many incompetent surgeons out there.

  • TheScottishWeasel

    My guess is that after being a woman for a few years, he will decide he’s a lesbian.

    • TheScottishWeasel

      You have got be kidding me??? You censure the word l e s b ia n, REALLY???? I knew S_eX is banned because of “uncle no pockets” and thats pretty childish alone, but this word that offends nobody. I thought we were at least a 4th grade level here, now I see we can’t even use a word that a 1st grader could use in school to describe his two moms. I thought this was an over 18 forum, not over 8.

  • kody61

    Prisons get sued all the time. From the food or shower water not being hot enough to a plethora of issues so trivial it would bogle your mind. Although tax payers are footing the bill, It comes out of their extensive budget. Which has litigation like this factored in every year. Not saying it’s right, just saying.