President Obama’s Statement on Marijuana Draws Reaction


NORTHAMPTON, Mass. (WGGB) — President Obama recently voiced his opinion as to the dangers of marijuana, and it’s providing new fuel for the debate over the drugs legalization.

“I don’t think it is more dangerous than alcohol.”

That was the President’s response when marijuana was discussed during a recent interview with The New Yorker magazine and it has people talking.

“I 100 percent absolutely agree,” said Shayden Fakhimi of Northampton.

“Ten times safer. You don’t see people dying, like overdosing on weed like you see an alcoholic overdose on alcohol,” Chris Nelson commented.

Everyone we spoke to in Northampton was very quick to agree with the President’s sentiment that marijuana is no more dangerous than alcohol. However, Attorney Richard Evans pointed out the political significance of his statement.

“The President has answered for us the question, in my opinion, of whether or not we should legalize and obviously if the answer is yes, we should legalize, then clearly it’s immoral to continue punishing people,” Attorney Evans explains.

Whether it’s denying a student a scholarship, terminating an employee, or taking children away from parents who smoke marijuana, Attorney Evans says it’s the repercussions of the drug that are the problem.

“It’s the illegality of marijuana that makes it dangerous, not the marijuana itself,” Evans adds.

In the end though, for some, legal or not, it doesn’t matter.

“It doesn’t matter whether it’s legalized or not because people are going to smoke it anyway,” Fakhimi explained.

Later this month, the Massachusetts Medical Marijuana Program will award licenses to 35 dispensaries across the state.


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  • walterc

    Seems like all that pot the president smoked killed a few important brain cells.

    • TheScottishWeasel

      Sorry Wally, it’s been proven that marijuana does NOT kill brain cells. It does slow down nerve transmissions to and from the brain, but it has ZERO effect on intelligence levels or your IO. The areas effected are the same one effected by psychoactive drugs like anti depressants and other drugs like diazepam etc. That booze you drink kills brain cells PERMANENTLY. Your statement is false and has been repeatedly disproven. Stupid people who smoke pot do not get more stupid, and geniuses who smoke pot do not get stupid. Often people ACT goofy on pot, and that gives the impression they are stupid. That is not permanent.

  • TheScottishWeasel

    I wonder why this was brought up out of the blue like this? Is it just to enrage the ignorant who think the stoners will take over with their damaged brains and increased appetites will take over the country?
    Look, 70% of us know pot is not dangerous, and does have serious and real medical uses that many other drugs cannot fill. 70% of Americans have an average IQ and can comprehend these facts. 30% are either in denial, ignorant, or are prejudice for personal reasons. In that 30% there is a high percentage of miserable SOB’s who just don’t want anyone to be happy, and try to make them be as miserable as they are.

  • TheScottishWeasel

    Come on AL, tell us how your junior HS education makes you smarter than 70% of Americans, including scientists, researchers, teachers, Dr’s, lawyers, and all the experts who studied this for years, are ALL WRONG because an inbred nut like you says it’s bad.