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New Guidelines to Restrict Length of Movie Previews

Entertainment-MoviesNEW YORK (WGGB) — For many movie-goers, the previews can be the highlight of the experience.

For others, including the National Association of Theater Owners, feel that trailers have become too long and add too much time to the average trip to the movie theater.

The association has released new guidelines, and one of the new stipulations requires that movie trailers run no longer than two minutes.

For studios really trying to promote a lengthy film, there are a few exemptions. Each distributor will be allowed two trailers to run past two minutes each year. However, those trailers must be no longer than three minutes.

Studios can also cut longer trailers to be distributed on the internet, which would not be used for previews in theaters.

NATO feels it will allow movie studios and theaters to maximize their marketing potential, but many movie-goers feel it will also leave more to the imagination.

We’ve all heard the complaint that previews can give too much away in a movie, letting a big moment or a great joke slip early.

However, many arrive upwards of half an hour early to get a seat and get a sneak peak at all the upcoming films at no extra cost.

The change will go into effect on October 1, 2014 at movie theaters around the nation.