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Springfield Police See Uptick in Delivery Robberies

DELIVERY ROBBERIESSPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB) –Springfield’s Wild Olive recently opened just 7 months ago.

On this frigid night, Rob Caracciolo is out making deliveries, well aware of what’s been happening to other drivers. “I guess I don’t really worry about it. Surprisingly everyone’s pretty nice out here, even when you go into technically the ‘bad’ parts of the area,” he said.

Even so, owner Kevin Sparks still worries. “It comes across my mind a lot; our drivers only have certain amount of cash on them when they travel and certain protocols we try to follow,” stated Sparks.

That’s especially since a recent string of robberies has plagued the city.

On December 29th, a gunman robbed a Chinese restaurant near Robert Dyer Circle.

On January 11th, a Pizza Hut driver was dropping off food on Dawes Street, left his car running, and a suspect got in and drove away.

The most recent, was on Monday nigh, when a Burger King delivery driver was held up on Cannon Circle.

“It’s with the weather, and the economic times. The armed robberies, and breaking into homes, everything’s been kind of on the increase. They know the deliverers are going to have food, money, and usually cellphones, and or a GPS, so it’s an easy target for them,” said Springfield Capt. Cheryl Clapprood.

Captain Clapprood says who are ordering can help out by leaving lights on and keeping an extra eye out.

If anyone suspicious is near the driver, don’t make the delivery, instead call 911.  “ We have extra patrols, and have been very active. Since the holidays, we do 3 or 4 weekly, and then varying the times and days, but specific to areas where there have been breaks,” she added.

Wild Olive says they’re extra vigilant especially with the big game approaching, when orders start pouring in.   “We have a respect for the neighborhood, we just hope that everyone has, customers have respect for us too. We’re just trying to do our job,” said Sparks.


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