40 Force: Pet Emergency

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SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB) — Our pets are our best friends and our constant companions.

How far, though, would you go to take care of your four legged friend?

Monday night we had a panel of experts here to take your calls and your questions on pet care.

Where do you draw the line when it comes for caring for you pet? How much does an emergency visit cost?

Which procedures or illnesses cost the most?

Thank you to our panel of experts for joining us tonight:
Robert G. Sidorsky, DVM
Mobile Veterinary Services of Western Mass.

Amanda Gouthier Veterinary Technician
Westover Animal Hospital

Denise Larochelle DVM/Owner
Westfield Animal Clinic

Jim Helems, Trainer
Dog Pals Southampton


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  • sto621

    I have an 8 yr old yellow lab that has had an eye problem… Three months ago, the eye started protruding. After seeing our vet, then going to Tufts, we were faced with a $1700 MRI to find out what the problem was – unfortunately, we cannot afford the MRI.

    The eye receded back into the eye socket, but now it’s receded too far. I notice what the vet thought was just a skin tag near the eye socket, but I thing it is more.

    We love our dog, but I can’t afford the MRI – what might be my options?

    • CompanionMRI

      So sorry to hear about your Yellow Lab. We could try to help you out. We are Companion MRI-Veterinary MRI located in West Hartford, CT. We do our MRIs for $1450(That INCLUDES anesthesia and diagnosis) and you could take advantage of our 0% payment plan to help out as well.

      Call the MRI Director Ken 860-586-8610

  • brie

    I had 2 beautiful-wonderful cats (brother & sister) that had 23 wonderful yrs. w/ me. They passed 3 yrs ago, & had the BEST Veterinary care, along with emergency treatments. But it didn’t stop me to adopt another feline. I also have an avian (African Grey) that had developed a lump last May 2013 & needed surgery. Things were going well until Dec. 2013 the lump metastasized, more tests, blood wrk was essential, & had another procedure, along with a biopsy, it was Benign. So far the lump has not returned. You never know an emergency can arise. I feel when having any type of pets, remember, costs & care is essential, & for anyone who owns a pet should know there is a price on maintaining them. It’s not just four-legged best friends you have be aware of, it’s ALL type of animal companions. The cost of care determines what their being seen for; it can be for annual exams, emergencies etc. It all depends on what type of pet you have. Lastly, feel comfortable & trust your Veterinarian, as I do. : )