Palmer Questions Town Councilor’s Appearance in Music Video

PALMER, Mass. (WGGB) — 22-year-old Adam Burns’ video “Pour It Back” has barely been online two days and has already started to cause a stir in Palmer.

The song talks about drinking and smoking. It also features Town Councilor Paul Burns, Adam’s father.

Some folks this it’s not Paul’s best judgment to be in his son’s music video.

“My response is that this is my family, and my son has a career, and he wants to pursue that career, and I think it’s important for me to respond and help him out in that career whenever possible,” said Paul.

“I mean, yes, that’s what the song is about. When I wrote it, that wasn’t ‘Let’s just write a song about being intoxicated.’ It reminds me of relaxing and unwinding. And that’s how you do it. You get your friends over, you have a couple drinks, and pour it back!” Adam smiled.

With schools and communities like Palmer constantly fighting substance abuse, is this video good for the town?

“I am not supporting underage drinking, underage drug abuse, or anything else. But there has to be a real distinction between the legal use of marijuana. We’re not talking about heroin, we’re not talking about cocaine,” stated Paul.

“I know most of my friends smoke on occasion and things like that. I can’t think there are that many people out there who haven’t done it, so, why judge?” Adam asked.

It’s not all backlash. In fact, a couple people on YouTube have expressed how much they liked the video, and Paul’s cameo.

Bottom line, Burns will continue to stand by his son.

“If I disagreed with the content, I certainly wouldn’t support it. But let’s face it. The content of this video is something that so many constituents and so many people in this world, at least if not are involved in, supportive of. The song, from what I saw, is about a party. So enjoy the party,” smiled Paul.

The alcohol in the video is just water.

Paul Burns feels that people really shouldn’t be that upset over marijuana use, especially since it has been decriminalized here in Massachusetts.

If you’d like to judge for yourself, here’s a link to the video. Please be warned there is some explicit language.

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  • http://HaggisBrain.com Ed The Genius

    He talks about Americas biggest drug problem today alcohol, and some how it gets twisted into a video on marijuana? Alcohol is the true gateway drug, not pot. I don’t know anybody who didn’t try alcohol before pot.

  • http://HaggisBrain.com Ed The Genius

    But good for the councilor for supporting his son. I hope they both ignore the critics.

  • aburns2492

    I might be going out on a limb here by saying this, but I am a cousin and niece of Adam and Paul Burns. I am so proud of where Adam has led his life and where it’s going. This video isn’t depicting his life on a daily basis and is surely not promoting the use of drugs and alcohol for minors. In my opinion, kids are going to chose to be influenced by the video and there isn’t much anyone can do about it. And for my uncle Paul, I feel there is no harm in him supporting my cousin in his career. People can frown upon it all they want, but it’s showing that he is a caring parent who wants to help his son succeed.

  • alpinequeen

    How is this any different from the sitcoms of the 60′s where the hard working husband comes home and is greeted by his wife with a martini? Alcohol is a depressant and people have used it for a long time to relax. Alcohol in moderation is said to be beneficial but overindulgence in alcohol, as with anything else is harmful.

  • boisvert82

    So im confused. Does the person who is making this fuss support polution? Im sure they drive a car. What my uncle did was support his son. Something many dads dont do. There were no minors portrayed in this video. There was no message to minors. It looked like adults relaxing, working and hanging out. The message i got was a musician hard at work. Not being bothered by girls or money. Focused and after a long day. Pour it back. And the lyrics even say, everybody’s got a problem but nobodies blaming me. I could focus on this or i could focus on that. Sounds like those complaining should learn from it. Stop making a problem and focus on something like adam did with his career and paul did with his support as a father. Great job you guys. hope to see more. you have my support.