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14-Year-Old Girl Injured at School After ‘Horsing Around’ with Other Student

bullied girlSPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB) – A young girl was injured at school and the incident is getting a lot of attention on Facebook, after her mother posted a photo of her bloody forehead.

A 14-year-old girl at Van Sickle Middle School received an injury to her forehead from, what Springfield Police Officials said, was an incident when she was “horsing around” with a 14-year-old male student. The Facebook post is getting a lot of attention and now sparking concerns of bullying at the school.

The mother spoke with us directly, but after talking with her attorney, asked that we respect their privacy.

Police told us they will be charging the boy and are continuing to investigate the incident.

Azell Cavaan, spokeswoman for Springfield Public Schools said disciplinary action has been taken against that male student. They are cooperating with Springfield Police and conducting their own separate investigation.

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  • concern parent

    My oldest son went to that school back in the 80′s we moved out of the area because he was having trouble at that school as well. Hope you get this resolved. This needs to stop…..

    • concern parent

      Horsing around or not why did the school take so long to bring her to the hospital…….

      • Rags

        Exactly my question. If a kid in that condition came in to the nurses office, I would hope that they’d take the precaution and send her to the ER.

  • jr7350

    People, this is my niece. This boy has been bullying her all year long. THERE WAS NO HORSING AROUND. THIS WAS A DELIBERATE ATTACK!!!

    • Rags

      There are other people on other sites saying that but there seems to be conflicting stories. We’ll see what the investigation brings up

    • opinionated

      If this bullying was going on for so long why didnt anyone say or do something prior to this incident. Hmm

      • ItsMeSpfld

        How do you know that the girl and her family didn’t report the boy sooner than this? Are you certain that they didn’t report incidents prior to this serious one? No. I didn’t think you were. The truth is, we don’t know if they reported him to the school prior to this. Because we don’t know if he did enough to cause reporting. He could have been teasing her all year, he could have been bullying her all year, and getting away with it. Just because a girl reports something, ESPECIALLY in the Springfield school district, does not mean they will even believe her. It is a horrible school district, with terrible educators, and even worse kids.

      • Rob Bertram

        Because its well known if a teacher etc didn’t witness the incidence it didn’t happen :(

      • Kriegar

        Who says that they didn’t? Hmmm.

    • Very Wise Man indeed.

      You are a pretty crappy uncle or aunt to let that go on this long.

    • mother person

      My son was bullied at this school, if you need a statement for your lawyer let me know. This school needs to step up and protect students.

    • Rob Bertram

      By the looks of her face, I knew it wasn’t horseplay :( I that was my daughter, I would be returning the favor. ..pos

    • Kriegar

      Thank you. That was kind of screwy for them to say that. This isn’t the first article I’ve read today about schools not calling ambulances when they should, either. Seems like they may be trying to avoid insurance claims, or expenses of some sort?

    • JKIJAK

      Not my niece, she’s a good girl and won’t be horsing around, stop looking at the $$$$ signs accidents happen.

  • mrs j

    That school should be shut down its always problems there ny son got punch and smacked at that pants ripped I paid for and everything beginning bullyed by teacher and and Mr levin has some thing against my son

    • mrs j

      There always picking on him omg parent whats going on with the safety of or students at this school this kids dont get search at this school parents nothing at least commerce do

      • mrs j

        Yeah why did it take long to call hospital and wheres he at now

        • mrs j

          More than dam horses playing

          • mrs j

            Now they wanna talk about consequences wow why now and it took them long . To call hospital

          • price

            its sad that kids are our future and this is what we teach them. as adults it is apparent we have failed our. children and ourselves. we evolved from cavemen fighting with sticks and stone. now be became better fighters hiding behind usernames.. and technology. when will we as adults grow up. … I wonder.

  • mrs j

    This school should be shut down not just this year last year ive been going threw stuff with van sickle and my students and kids assaulted him and teacher telling him he’s gonna die soon

  • melindag68

    That sure does not look like something that happened from horsing around…..

  • mother person

    Didn’t they just pass new bullying laws? What a joke, it seems the school turned a blind eye to the bullying, then tried to cover its ass at a child’s expense. How many kids drop out for this reason?

    • suzyben

      My son got detention for calling someone fat it was seen as “bullying” yet a boy does This and its “horsing around?” Really!?!

      • Very Wise Man indeed.

        Your son should’ve told the teacher he or she was stupid and ugly, then walked out.

    • KristinaL

      The bullying law they passed is ridiculous. I have a 10 year old son and a 8 year old daughter both in Springfield schools and they get bullied all the time. They have both spoken up but nothing is ever done about it. By now I am sure the school is sick of me going in and complaining but other than that there is not really much else to do. If I could afford to move or put my kids in private schools I would. It really sucks being a minority on a school because things like this will never change.

      • ItsMeSpfld

        Apply for School Choice for EVERY town you can find.

        And, btw, being a “minority” has NOTHING to do with it

        • KristinaL

          Bullcrap it doesn’t…my kids are white. A minority in Springfield schools. We don’t get any public assistance like the majority of kids in their school get and my son who has learning problems doesn’t get the help that he needs either.
          Oh and btw if you don’t think that white kids are the minority in springfield schools, then walk into any school and look. My daughter is 1 out of 2 white kids in her whole grade and my son is 1 out of 4 in his.

          • mother person

            Both of my girls dropped out for this reason, they were bullied for being white, and most of the time were afraid to go to school. And at commerce there were kids on the bus that were not even students, my daughter had to sit on the floor, that was safe. I complained repeatedly and surprise nothing was done. If high school choice was done on grades and discipline maybe good kids would be grouped together and it would cut down on this crap

          • Chef Alex Cardinale

            Well said and I agree!!! In my high school class, I graduated last year, there was what, 4-5 whites compared to the 200 graduating class,

        • KristinaL

          The problem with school choice is actually being able to get them to another town or city…unfortunately I am also unable to do that.

      • cc36

        If you are that concerned bout your kids safety they do have home school now. I have all my kids home schooled and it’s great.

        • KristinaL

          I am concerned about their safety everyday, but homeschooling is not an option as both my husband and I work and I go to school full time. If I had time to home school them it would be happening, but right now I am trying to make our lives better by finishing college myself.

          • Mortiz

            My daughter hates school there and it breaks my heart. She says the kids are very wild. I’ve spoken to the administration and the don’t seem concerned about this. My daughter says kids get away with everything. Why are we not removing the poor behavior from the classroom hallways gym etc? It’s not safe and I wish I could homeschool. The principal needs to set the tone

    • cc36

      I still say and will keep saying “where are the parents disciplines”.?? A lot of these parents seems to be afraid of their own child or just don’t care what they do because they are out there behaving stupid too.

      • mother person

        Well with 13 year olds having babies, what do you expect. I went to pick up my son and a girl came into the office for dismissal to take her baby to the doctor. Middle schoolers shouldn’t be having babies. In my day getting pregnant as a teen was something to be ashamed of not to celebrate. And we wonder why society is a mess, no one has values anymore.

        • Kriegar

          It is scary, isn’t it.

    • Kriegar

      Again, no less. As usual, par for the course, etc.

  • Kara

    This is more than just the actual attack. This article should be addressing how the situation was handled. They had a student with an open wound, and a clearly broken nose. Why wasn’t 911 called immediately? What if this student had a head trauma? How the school handled this student’s medical emergency is just as much an issue as the actual assault.

    The way WGGB worded this headline is also misleading.

    Why does it say “14-Year-Old Girl Injured at School After ‘Horsing Around’ with Other Student” rather than a more accurate,
    “14-Year-Old Girl Injured at School After ALLEGEDY ‘Horsing Around’ with Other Student”.

    Not everyone reads beyond the headlines. This is exactly how false information and rumors get spread. Your headline isn’t news; It’s gossip.

    • Kara

      Also, why on earth are you still perpetrating victim blaming on your news site? This “horsing around” talk sounds exactly like “She was wearing a short skirt. She asked for it”. I expect more from this news source.

      • Jmm610

        She was asking for it cause of a “short skirt”?! You sick woman! Who cares what she was wearing. Lemme guess…. You are related to assailant?! Wow! Short skirt or not this is never appropriate. And if hes doing this now he will def do it in the future

        • phxgirl

          JMM610 you need to reread what Kara wrote. She did not say at all what you said. She is defending the girl in the report and telling the news they suck at reporting.

        • ItsMeSpfld

          Learn how to read.

        • Kara

          Apparently, you didn’t read either of my comments, because you have taken that quote so far out of context, it’s ridiculous. What you think I said, and what I actually said are polar opposites.

          Please, read it all again, and start from the beginning. You will see that what I was doing was comparing how the victim being blamed here, is like how women are blamed for their own rape. Neither is acceptable.

          I assure you, I am certainly not a sick woman. I am a woman who cares very much about preventing child maltreatment, and am an advocate of student rights. I have no idea what the victim was wearing, nor do I believe it matters. I am not related to the assailant, or the victim. I agree that he will most likely do this again in the future if nothing is done about it now.

          I expect an apology from you.

          • Kriegar

            Come now-the reaction was worth the misunderstanding.

        • Erin

          Wow, Jmm. That whole post just sailed right over your head, huh? Go back and re-read instead of prematurely reacting.

        • Kriegar

          She was saying that sort of concept was sick. You’re both on the same page.

      • Monika

        I think it’s ridiculous that kids can’t just go to school and learn that’s what they are in school to do LEARN not to be fighting so what are the students really doing in class this bullying stuff really needs to stop

    • Kriegar

      My son was made to sit in detention, and refused a call home, in our school, once. Another student called us, and we went and got him. The hospital said he had a concussion. You can’t trust schools with your kids, at all. Investigate everything.

  • kay c

    In this mothers post she mentioned the response time of the ambulance, since the family is no longer speaking publicly due to litigation why don’t you cover that aspect of the story?

  • Cowboys

    Horsing around is a new charge now omg,, God bless our kids

  • 7Seas7

    Horsing Around? This isn’t Horsing Around this male student bullied and beaten this poor female teen and and in a school yet that ended her into the hospital, This youth should be arrested and brought to the juvenile detention center on East Mountain Road in Westfield and let him see what being bullied and beaten is.

  • at

    Unbelievable, what is the world coming too, if my kid was hurt in school that bad I sure will like immediate attention to the ER. I mean after all in the beginning of the school year they make you sign all this papers in case of an emergency etc., so when an emergency like this happens it can be taken care of. I truly don’t understand the school system sometimes you get called from school for insignificant stuff and when is something this big and serious you would think you’ll get called immediately even before the situation gets worse, like in this case, this would of been prevent it if someone took action before. It’s just sad to know our kids are not safe where we once taught they were, in school…

    • Ivelisse Maldonado

      My daughter used to go to that school I change her because the bullying..I went to the school a lot of times and they never do nothing about it..thank God I move to florida and shes doing good the things here at schools are very different…

  • r1981

    My 2 daughters go there and the bullying in that school is too much. One day she got jumped by boy in front of 2 teachers inside the gym and the next day my other daughter got cut in the leg inside the school bus. I have made multiple complaints to staff members but they just don’t care.

  • mother person

    First I would like to address the mom because my son was bullied at this school, you should speak to Pellegrino and Seeley about a lawsuit. I would be happy to give a statement for you. My oldest daughter had razor blades thrown at her with kids saying why don’t you kill yourself, the kids that did it were on the basketball team so we were told it was boys being boys. Bulling laws mean nothing if not enforced.

  • joe

    My condolences to any decent parents whose kids are enrolled in that SHlTTY school system. It sucked 20 years ago when I was, and I’m sure the children of the very same deadbeats I went to school with are stinking up the joint now. The state should have took it over and started cleaning house decades ago.

  • Jasmine

    Respect ur privacy??? You put it on Facebook to get the attention and now you want us to respect your privacy?? I want to know what’s happening in our schools!!!

  • jenn diaz

    My daughter has had incidents within this school they are currently under investigation for neglect sexual advances and assault by a assistant principal. These people have neglected my daughter and her needs for two years and convienently after being assaulted by the assist principla have been told none of the cameras work..they are there for show.

  • jenn diaz

    Also my daughter has an iep refused to call crisis and sent her home a total of 19 times w/o suspension. And was told she needed a break from the bullies.

  • Ada W. Burgos

    Forgive me if with my words you fell ofended, it is not my intention.This is my nieces’s daugther, she is the person in todays topic. It is really sad that peolpe would talk today what happen to them some time back. But I am goin to tell you what did I see on one occasion with the way the Principal Mr. Coleman at that time. One day I saw my nephew cutting class. So i tooked him to the Principal ; He was really surprise when I told him that, that boy misbeheabing was my nephew. Why? Cause my son who was a student at the school at that same time,was Christian and carry a Bible to school every day and he was an example for others. while my nephew use to go arround with his friends doing things that weren’t right. I saw how the Principal treated my nephew with hard words and calling him names too. (you are a hurlem) (which is others words he was telling me nephew that he was a piece of garbage) I told him not to speaks to him like that. That is one of the reasons our kids are mist behaving for the ways Principals, teachers, even the police people who work at the schools. they are not prepare to take care of our kids. and some of them dont even have kids or are married. Some of these people comes to school with their heads full of problems, and are not capable to handle any cituation that comes arround when they least expects it. Yes that some parents dont teach their kids to respect other kids, I herd some parents tell their kids ” If some one hits you bit the crabb out of them” , But others like us we teach our kids values and the importance of prepearing for the future. I think the Principal, Teachers and even Police that are in school watching our kid or grandkids or nieces and nephews, they should take a course about CHILD BEHAVIOR AND DEVELOPMENT,. Plus they took GOD out of school and let the devil in. What can you spect from people who dont even fear God. GOD HAVE MERCY ON OUR KIDS, THE PRINCIPAL,TEACHER, POLICE AND ALL OF US TOO. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

  • ROsa

    Sorry about the 14 year old girl but people need to understand there is bullying all over and in every school unless u speak up in the beginning nothing will be done. i hope the male boy involved gets in trouble and suspended something this might then show students it will not be tolerated anymore and this is the consequence if any more bullying happens. i believe the girl and the parents of this young girl takes all actions and don’t let it go.

  • Datil Luz

    I went to this school when I was younger and yes I had to defend myself to bullies and boys do not respect the girls at all I hope the best for this girl and justice takes place she’s a beautiful young girl and now her face is marked for life I would sue call a lawyer her face is marked that’s her face so not right

  • kelly

    I went thru something like this In Sullivan school in Holyoke and I went to the school talk to anyone that will listen nothing was done I even took the risk of talking to the child’s mom not knowing if she was going to come at me in a bad way and nothing happen this went on for two years until I had it and called the cops my self explain what was going on and in what school and they went them self’s we end it up in court for a year and a half and finally it’s over with. Some school or don’t know what to do or don’t like to get involve for one reason or another. I know of two more parent that change there child to a different school because the same thing happen and the school didn’t do anything they act like you bother them as soon as they see you in the office waiting to speak to them or they wont pick up your call.

  • anag

    I went to van sickle. They let kids get aways with anything!! That school has went to shit!!

  • guest

    None of you were there, to witness what actually happened. Its very sad this happened to that young lady. But no one knows if this was horseplay or not but the thought of a young teenage boy pushing someone harder than they thought and the girl tripped and fell face first on the hard tile doesn’t seem irrational

    • alpinequeen

      No one knows why you posted here.

  • Natalie

    I know that this may not be the correct forum to ask this, but can you name a good middle school in Springfield to go to? Do you have the name of good administrators at the school that I could work with? My child was bulled in elementary school. I would like some advice. Thanks everyone.

    • Maria Martinez Rivera

      The springfield renaissance is the best school… teacher and principle care so much… i would know… theres barely ever any fights or bullying school is the best!!

  • guest

    Maybe it was karma that after kicking a boy in the genitals and running away from him she tripped and hit her face on the bleachers. Bad choices…yes. Bullying…no.

  • ash

    I was bullied really bad at this school groups of kids would follow me home everyday i was scared for my life worst school they never take action i cried to every teacher and the principle nothing was ever done.

  • whynot

    Why is everyone blaming the schools, teachers, and administration? These people cannot undo 14 years of bad parenting in just 6 hours a day. Especially when 90% of their time is spent diffusing fights instead if teaching. Start being better parents and teach your kids to respect each other and themselves!

  • Terry Richmond

    My son is disabled/special needs. The school failed him. 10 regular school bullies are well protected at the school. My son was bullied over a year. Sadly to say they don’t care. It’s a worldwide epidemic to blame the victims and parents than to take responsibility for their lack of action against the bullies. How educated are these people to lack common sense. Don’t be fooled by the window dressing ” Bullying is not tolerated!”
    It should read “Bullies are welcomed and embraced, together we can discriminate against those that can’t defend themselves.”

    The schools that fail these children are so low. They are nothing more than the scum of the earth. Worthless excuse for human beings. As Donal Trump would say ” You’re fired!! I’m sure they could do much better with people that actually give a darn. I would love to see all the kids ever bullied give them a taste of what’s it like.

    The school hall of shame list… 1.) Gang of school bullies united. 2.) Special ed teachers… 3.) Regular classroom teachers…4.) School counselor…5.) Whom ever else looking like dear in headlights stare. You can’t miss those rubber neckers.

    Give them all medals. They deserve recognition of stupidity.

  • Ratael Papon

    WGGB is always quick to jump into conclusions about a story when it has to do with minorities in Springfield without looking into the facts first.
    Who ever reported that the springfield Police said that it was an act of horsing around attach a name to that quote. I am a very good friend of office Heart that is in charge in overseeing Van Sickle and I know he would had not commented that.

  • songbird

    People stop complaining about the school system and do something. Become the majority regardless of what race you are. You the parents have the right to get that principal, district superintendent and even the legislative staff out of there if they are not safeguarding your kids, but you have to come together to do it. If you don’t like the results that you are getting from complaining then do something different, to get a different outcome. As parents in a public school you have the right to form a PTA group and start forming regulations that you demand your city officials follow. I have seen some of the worst schools transformed when the parents took action.
    Good Luck parents!!!