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Springfield Police Arrest Alleged Six Corners Drug Dealer

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 11.28.12 AM

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB) — Springfield Police have taken a man who they allege was selling drugs in Six Corners off the streets.

Springfield Police Sgt. John Delaney says that narcotics detectives had been conducting an investigation into a suspected drug dealer.

Delaney explains that that suspect – 22-year-old Joshua Ortiz, who also went by ‘Slim’ – would receive a call from a customer “on his cell phone and he would meet them on Cedar Street, James Street, Brigham Street, and other streets” in the city’s Six Corners neighborhood.

Investigators set up surveillance Thursday morning and reportedly watched as Ortiz made a sale to another man.

“After the sale the detectives arrested the customer, ‘Slim observed the approaching detectives and a foot chase was on,” Delaney says, adding that as the chase was on, detectives reportedly saw Ortiz “throwing bundles of Heroin, bags of Cocaine and Marijuana.”

Ortiz was apprehended and placed under arrest. He is facing several drug charges, including distribution of Heroin, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, and possession of cocaine with intent to distribute.

Investigators recovered 100 bags of Heroin, a large bag of cocaine, and Marijuana, along with $315 in cash and a cell phone.

Ortiz is scheduled to be arraigned Friday in Springfield District Court.

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  • Ted

    Now if they can test the Herion and fsee if it’s the same brand that’s killing the kids. Screw him and throw the book at him for murder charges too! Useless piece of shit!

  • Heather Renee

    Excellent job! Let’s get as much of this garbage off the street as possible. Springfield has the potential to be a thriving city, if only the gang, drug and violence issues could be greatly reduced.

  • alpinequeen

    I miss the old Springfield. Maybe there’s a chance to get it back yet.

    • Very Wise Man indeed.

      You just miss the easy crack sales you got from your back window.

  • Lowinski

    This is a good kid just tryna have some money to feed his daughter people are so prune to say throw the book at him they should at least help him not treat him like he’s tryna kill people with whatever batch yall talking about

    • Katie Teixeira

      Dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. he should get a real job to help his daughter. selling drugs puts her in a dangerous life style.

      • Shanice Terra Seabrooks

        Sometimes its not that easy for people with records to get a job so they do what they need to do to make money…sad to say but its true and its life

    • Candice

      Drugs do kill people….recently there was a post about how many people have been dying in MA from heroin overdoses….

      • EyemNotFree

        People are doing heroin because it is cheaper than the legal oxys.

    • EyemNotFree

      He was not just selling harmless pot. He’s selling highly addictive drugs. The type that will turn his daughter into a hooker.

      • alpinequeen

        Pot is addictive and is not harmless.

        • EyemNotFree

          Sugar fat and salt is addictive

  • TruthBeTold

    A lot can be said about people on how they speak about others

    • mark

      what the hell does that mean

  • Nyrebel9

    @ lowinski, please give me a break! Maybe you bought this bs about feeding his daughter, but he is is selling drugs for his own selfish needs and wants. First of all they have wic for children, food stamps and food pantries for “the starving children”. Also many churches serve meals to the hungry with some serving 3 meals a day. Many churches also will give you bags of groceries on a weekly basis. The help is out there to assist the hungry, you have to take the initiative to find it. Perhaps if he is financially unable to take care of a child, he shouldn’t have fathered one. I’m sure the mom, her relatives, his relatives wouldn’t let the little girl starve. What he did was wrong and he broke the law. Actions=Consequences.

  • Lowinski

    Shame on you guys to judge on how someone has to make money or manage their families I bet you guys don’t know one thing about the hard lifestyle in the poverty and struggle of a Hispanic family sometimes drugs is the only income I’m not saying thru experience but I have witnessed it sometimes the government does not help and always against you and that’s the story with many young men now they are automatically viewed as bad people but you the people have no right to say what’s right and wrong and worry about what you and your family needs you guys are not remotely close to judge anyone but yourselves

    • EyemNotFree

      You are so full of it. Go to Mexico

    • Nyrebel9

      Please don’t try to justify that he is a victim of society, childhood or circumstances. Everybody has choices; you can be the victim or the survivor. It is called motivation and ambition to pull yourself out of the hole. I work with several hispanic and latino coworkers who i respect and love. One woman who is hispanic still lives in the “projects” in holyoke. She has 2 children under 5 and her baby daddy abandoned her and his children. She works full-time and is taking a college class one semester at a time to achieve her goal of earning her bachelors degree. She had a horrible childhood growing up with a alcoholic mother and her father in prison. A male hispanic coworker works a full-time job AND a part-time job to support his triplet sons and provide a good quality of life for them. A female hispanic coworker, has 4 children under 12, her children’s daddy,s do not financially nor emotionally support her or their children. She also had a bad childhood and cannot rely on her family for any support either. I have many more hispanic coworkers with checkered pasts who CHOOSE to be contributing members of society rather than criminals. So save your energy rather than making excuses and boo-hooing!!

      • Nyrebel9

        I have the utmost respect and love for them as well as developed great friendships and consider them part of my family!!!

      • Kody61

        Right on nyrebel.

        • Nyrebel9

          Thank-you kody61!!!!! :) It is about personal responsibility, not acting like the victim or blaming others or circumstances. Besides my coworkers, there are many others who choose to improve themselves despite their past.

    • Jake

      Hey Lowinski, now instead of providing for his daughter, this dirtbag will be gettin’ raped down there in ludlow. Enjoy your stay asshole!

  • knrivera4668

    You don’t know him so this bitch below me needs to STFU!! Not everybody can receive those benefits you do its the only way they know to make money the quickest way possible. Prime example a stripper – but that shit isn’t against law now is it? Im pretty sure your not the perfect citizen EITHER! You don’t know his life you dont know his struggle walk in his shoes then talk stupid BITCH

  • 32 MuddyPaws

    He can afford a cell phone, he can afford to feed his daughter. What a joke. Even he doesn’t believe that: look at his smirk in his mug shot. He thinks he’s above it all.

  • Vetinfringed