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Greenfield Police Respond to Call, Find Goats in a Car


(Photo Provided by Greenfield Police)

GREENFIELD, Mass. (WGGB) – Officers in Greenfield got a bit of a surprise Saturday night when they responded to call for suspicious activity.

Greenfield Police say on Facebook that they responded to a Sunoco station on Main Street around 8:00 p.m. Friday after a report came in of “possibly a woman crying and yelling and a man acting suspicious near a car.”

When officers arrived, they found the found the man and that there was “no woman crying and yelling.”

Instead, officers found that the man had a car full of goats.

Greenfield Police add that nothing bad was happening to the goats, so everyone was sent on their way.

The post concluded by simply saying, “We love living in the country.”

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  • Very Wise Man indeed.

    Dates? Otherwise I think you need a livery plate to drive goats around.

    • alpinequeen

      Yes, your date got away.

      • Very Wise Man indeed.

        Goats? Oh please now! A nice healthy sheep and I mi…. nevermind.

        • alpinequeen

          You read it here folks, some personal insight of the former Mister Ed.

          • Very Wise Man indeed.

            You mean I’ve been de-Ed’ed??? OMG!

          • alpinequeen

            But, you’ll always be Buck Thurman.

          • Very Wise Man indeed.

            FORMER? OMG!

  • wakeupnow832

    It’s says its 8pm? It is dark out at that time!!
    The photo was taken during daylight!

    • Canne

      GPD admits it is a stock photo (on their Facebook page)
      Sure wish it was summer and sunny

    • bluemalak

      I don’t know about Massachusetts, but here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, it’s still light at 8:00 at night. Hasn’t been getting dark until around 8:45.

  • Call me Ishmael

    Ba-a-a-a-a humbug! Doesn’t this really get your goat ? Maybe your goat really doesn’t get this. Things that make you go hmmmm.

  • Kody61

    That’s no goat, it’s myyyyyy wife.

  • Dd

    So Greenfield is in the country?

    • Lyn Adams

      I think they think we won’t notice theses details. lol

  • Alexandra_Whitcomb

    So…kids left in the car?

    • Bill

      They had the goats to protect them…

    • cheese101

      I see what you did there.

    • David Faver

      That is really baaaaad.

  • Lyn Adams

    Really Channel 40, can you please get your story straight . You said Greenfield Ma? Well I’m pretty sure the trees hav not leafed out yet and why was it day light when you said night time. Are we talking about Greenfield Mass?

  • jonnyess

    If the car was a Civic, there would have been 12 goats in it. Jus’ sayin’……um…those cars have a deceiving lot of room….

  • David Williams

    some things you just dont want to know too much more about…

  • Weso365

    No seat belt violation?

  • Call me Ishmael

    Let me get this straight; the GPD just happens to have a photo of a car with goats in it laying around in their files. What are the odds? So many questions about a strange case. Every one was sent on their way? There was only one guy!! And no seatbelt citation for the goats. Is that proper transport for farm animals? I mean, where’s Paul Harvey when we need him? I know he’s deceased, but, geez Louise, we really need to “know—-the rrrrrest of the story”!! Come on ABC40, let’s pick up the slack and get on the ball here! Just remember: Nero fiddled while Rome burned! Surely you can do better!

    • Gottfried Alexander

      It’s the country.

  • crabman1

    he picked up his lawn mowers for the season——the nice thing is when they break down you got dinner —- and how many mowers fertilize while the cut

  • Ed

    They were on their way to that brewery in Philly.

  • UncleJohn

    Police add that they suspect the goats had some sort of caper in mind.

  • DashVader

    I found this on the CNN website where they have links to various local news stories. Two away from this one was a story about goat brain beer. Coincidence? I think not.

  • UncleJohn

    That’s some seriously baaaad chew chew, consorting with goats.