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Working Moms Fire Back Against Gwyneth Paltrow’s Comments on Motherhood

(AP Photo/Axel Schmidt, File)

(AP Photo/Axel Schmidt, File)

LOS ANGELES (WGGB) — Long-time actress and mother Gwyneth Paltrow is seeing some major backlash, after her comments about motherhood.

In an interview with E! News, Paltrow said that it was easier to be a regular working mother, than to be a movie actress.

She argued that mothers who work “9 to 5″ jobs had it easier, because they’re able to come home and see their children in the evening.

“I think to have a regular job and be a mom is not as,” Paltrow began, “of course there are challenges, but it’s not like being on set.”

Paltrow later responded by expressing how difficult it was to be a working mother.

However, the firestorm had already been lit and it didn’t just include angry mothers online.

Many editorials have been written in response to her comments, noting how well compensated these movie stars are for their efforts.

Some came out in support of Paltrow, but others, such as Mackenzie Dawson of the New York Post, were highly critical in their writings on the comments.

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  • harleygrl

    We’re all doing the best we can. Sometimes we nail it, and it’s good. Sometimes we blow it, and when we blow it, the only thing we can do, is get up the next morning and start all over again. You say you’re sorry, you mean it, and you keep trying.
    This “Mommy War” thing – this is a made-up calamity of sorts, totally created by a couple of bloggers and the media, about pitting the SAHMs against the WMs (that’s Stay-At-Home-Moms and Working Moms). And really – what IS that?
    It’s NONSENSE, is what it is.
    Because my way is not your way, and that’s OK because my life is not your life.
    If people would get far more worried about whether or not they are supporting EACH OTHER, instead of being so worried about being RIGHT, this NONSENSE would stop.
    Until then, stop being so all-fired worried about how someone else is doing it. What do you care?!? Working, working from home, not working at all – some have a choice, most don’t.
    But we DO have a choice about creating feelings of unworthiness and feelings of GUILT and feelings about not measuring up – measuring up to WHAT?!? Someone else?!?
    Pfffttt……. EFF that!

  • wwlpreader

    It’s not a contest! There should be no comparison at all.

  • erin

    It must be soooo hard for a millionare to go to work everyday and make more millions! My heart breaks for her everyday when I’m working full time, going to school and raising a teenager!#idiot

  • Shaw Sway

    Gwyneth Paltrow must really be out of touch with reality. Yes working on movie set is long hours but she’s paid a lot money perhaps millions of dollars. She has privilege to afford nannies while everyday women struggle to pay for CHILDCARE and meet their basic needs. She has the option of NOT WORKING while still living a PRIVILEGED life style. Gwyneth lives in that Hollywood bubble.

  • real working mom

    what can you expect from someone who lives on planet hollywood

  • help4newmoms

    Ms Paltrow’s mistake is that she has carelessly stepped directly into one of the most heated debates of our time. Silly rabbit! I speak, of course, of the Mommy Wars. A Mother never, ever, pits one mother’s choice against another mother’s choice. She should know better. However, I do not believe Ms Paltrow should be criticized for her standing as a rich actress for she has earned her success and her money. And motherhood IS hard for her. The fact is that all the housekeeping and babysitting help in the world can not assuage the guilt of a mom, actress or no, when she has to be away from her kids or when she is not there to say goodnight because she is on a 14 day 24 hour a day shoot. In Ms Paltrow’s defense, an acting gig IS difficult on a mom. Ms Paltrow’s mistake was in assuming that the work of an office Mom would be easier….rookie mistake…no, no, no! What she should have said is that…”sometimes she muses that maybe taking an office job would be easier, blah, blah, blah.” She would still get grief, I am certain, but this statement would be much more understandable. ALL mothers muse about a different choice. “Maybe being a staying at home would be easier…blah, blah, blah.” Ms Paltrow’s mistake was declaring that another choice would in fact be easier…The truth is, how could she possibly know that? Go easy on her, folks, I am sure she has learned her lesson!