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School Stabbing Suspect is Described as Genial

(AP Photo/The New Haven Register, Peter Hvizdak)

(AP Photo/The New Haven Register, Peter Hvizdak)

HARTFORD, Conn. (AP) — A teacher at the Connecticut high school where a student was stabbed to death says the suspect is a teenager with a good sense of humor who gave no indication of trouble.

The Connecticut chief medical examiner says the 16-year-old girl died of stab wounds to her torso and neck and this is a homicide.

Authorities have not released the name of the suspect, but two people who saw him taken into custody say he is 16-year-old Chris Plaskon.

Plaskon is charged with murder as a juvenile offender in Friday’s slaying of fellow student Maren Sanchez at Jonathan Law High School in Milford. An attorney for Plaskon says his client is under psychiatric evaluation. His arraignment is scheduled for Monday, his lawyer says the boy won’t attend.

Teacher Mark Robinson says he coached Plaskon in football for two years and describes him as funny and from a family with deep roots in the community.

Student Imani Langston says Plaskon is known for being a class clown.

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  • Joe shmo

    Rot in the slammer, and get ready for big bob

    • True American

      At 16? I doubt it

    • killuh

      He’s a boy, he’s not going to rot in the slammer. Also he would be the “Bob” and it would be the other guy getting ready. Murderers get special respect in jail.

      • slab em

        Remember no matter of the size of his roomie he will be “Bubba”, because who wants to sleep in the same room unmonitored with PISSED OFF stabber?

  • trutt

    Genial? Did he politely say “Excuse me ‘mam, may I please have the pleasure of stabbing you? STAB STAB STAB “thank you very much.”

  • mimi

    murder gets special respect in jail lmao plz,,, not this kind of murder this was a young girl and innocent at that so u clearly don’t know what u are talking about

    • frenchie

      You both make good points. There are respected murders, and not so respected murders. Never thought about it that much before.

  • lisa

    this young boy is going to be put alone for a while or with rapist so the inmates wont be able to hurt him.

    • micro

      My heart breaks for the girls family ,I can’t imagine losing my daughter like this…society is awful these days.its happening everywhere…its also sad to lose your child to life in prison for doing a horrible act. Murder is horrible.

  • luis

    omg look at what this idiot wrote someone that murders a young girl for something stupid will get special treatment lol the only way you get special treatment is if you kill someone big in the gang world or the drug world or just kill in the streets but never children or innocent people this is a code that if you break you will get hurt and most times killed for.

  • mimi

    now in days even rapist get pc (special protection) or protective custody) so that’s what this little idiot will get so the big boys wont touch him

  • Dilly Dumbniggr

    can’t wait to see which nut sack democrat will want to out law knivex, impose a tax and kitchen knives and confiscate your silverware.. leave you with nice friendly plastic knives!!

    • N word

      You certainly are a part of your last name, but I wasn’t aware the ” N” word was allowed on WGGB.

  • alpinequeen

    It doesn’t matter how gentle the deranged ones are described. He killed someone and affected many lives as a result. Cause? Who knows? Lack of parental guidance? Medications? Mental illness? A demon who suddenly snapped? This sort of stuff has been going on for a long time even before the sensational media age starting putting this news on our door step.

  • mike

    It is how the parents raised him or he needed some help

    • mom of 3, grandma of 3

      Even great parents can have a teenager go against all their good upbringing. So why put the blame on them? The boy most suredly knows right from wrong. My guess is he is suffering from some emotional illness. Let’s face it. The teenage years are full if changes from hormones to acne to body awareness being teased or bullied. It’s terrible that this young man thought this was the answer to his ‘problem’. All involved will carry the shock and sadness of this event all their lives.

      • whackorio

        “Emotional illness”? Really now?

  • JB

    Kill the killer. Not only did he affect all the lives of her loved ones but now hes going to cost our court system and prisons who knows how much. What is a trail needed for? Off with his head and be done with it! Simple as that. The worlds overpopulated as it is. We don’t need little brats like him running around.

    • harry

      It cost far more to put some one to death, than it does to incarcerate them for life. Then we have the error ratio. Too many innocent men and woman have already been executed by the US, so until it can guaranteed that no longer can happen, it is not human.