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Legalization: Part 5 – The Mass. Effect

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SPRINGFIELD, Mass (WGGB) — Through a series of stories this week on ABC40 and online at WGGB.com, an ABC40 investigation explained how Colorado law surrounding legalized marijuana works and who can buy marijuana legally.

It also highlighted the pros and cons from those on both sides of the issue.

The push is on for a 2016 ballot initiative to legalize marijuana here in Massachusetts, just like it is in Colorado.

“Our organization has a lot supporters in Massachusetts. We ran a decriminalization there back in 2008. We intend to really rally these folks and work with a lot of other local groups to push this thing forward,” Mason Tvert of the Marijuana Policy Project said.

“When we go to 2016, we are going to try to put together a ballot question which reflects the voters of Massachusetts, what they really want,” Terry Franklin of the Bay State Repeal Campaign Committee said.

While in Denver, ABC40 also caught up Ashley Kilroy, the city’s Director of Marijuana Policy. Without taking sides, we asked her what advice she would have for Massachusetts as the legalization process ramps up.

“It’s just to be sure that you are listening to everybody, that you keep in mind some of the issues that we have kept in the forefront- the youth issue, public health, public safety, quality of life in our neighborhoods while still balancing that against the will of voters who want recreationally marijuana, retail marijuana, and those consumers who have for the most part behaved responsibly from what we have seen,” Kilroy said.

Meantime, marijuana health and wellness advocacy group Smart Colorado says that voters need to truly educate themselves on what approving legalized marijuana will mean.

“You need to stress to them that they don’t know what this market will look like and if they think it’s the marijuana of their youth, they need to learn more about it,” Rachel O’Bryan said. “These products are not the marijuana of our youth.”

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  • Publicdole

    Should be on the primary school lunch menu so that kids can get high and maybe learn a thing or two in the late school day.

    • pascoupe

      This guy is a troll. No one who supports legalization would say it’s okay for kids to use.

  • ItsMeSpfld

    So, I click on this story to see if maybe I can see the last 4 that are part of the series; maybe as part of the Related stories. But no, the story more related to Part 5 of Legalization is United Bank merging with another bank. Fantastic.

    WGGB, did it ever occur to you to maybe add links to the prior parts of the series on each article????

    • 32 MuddyPaws

      How do you expect them to add something as complicated as a link when 3/4 of their reporters can’t spell, don’t have a clue about proper singular/plural usage, dump apostrophes in every other word of a sentence as if everything is possessive and use the words ‘alleged’ and ‘allegedly’ so frequently it makes the reader dizzy?

  • alpinequeen

    The bad guys will still be operating even if marijuana is legalized.


    • pascoupe

      Right…just look at all those darn alcohol cartels causing ruckus in Mexico.

  • Muammar Kadoffy

    Remember what happened when every gas station and headshop was selling k2 and bath salts?

    • Nonya

      how is marijuana anything like k2 or bathsalts…… gas stations sell cigarettes, which are far more harmful to ones health. Your point is invalid.