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Five Arrested Following Greenfield Drug Raid


GREENFIELD, Mass. (WGGB) — Five Franklin County residents are under arrest after a long investigation by local and state law enforcement.

Greenfield Police say that following a lengthy investigation, officers, along with members of the Northwestern District Attorney’s Anti-Crime Task Force, executed a search warrant at a Champman Street apartment around 2:30 p.m. Wednesday.

When officers entered the apartment, they reportedly found several people sitting on the floor with Heroin and drug-related items in the middle.

Police add that among those items included several hypodermic needles, bloody tissues, what is believed to be 10 packages of Heroin, several empty Heroin packets, and illegally possessed Suboxone.

Arrested during the search were:

  • Timothy Matthew Scott, 29, of Greenfield
  • Tammy Marie Newell, 46, of Greenfield
  • Shylean Annamarie Sears, 30, of Turners Falls
  • Nikita Sheridan, 27, of Greenfield
  • Brandon Dickinson, 29, of Greenfield.

Two .9mm rounds of handgun ammunition were also seized.

All five are facing drug-related charges. Scott is also facing one charge of possession of ammunition with an FID card.

(Nikita Sheridan)

(Nikita Sheridan)

(Shylean Annamarie Sears)

(Shylean Annamarie Sears)

(Timothy Matthew Scott)

(Timothy Matthew Scott)

(Tammy Marie Newell)

(Tammy Marie Newell)

(Brandon Dickinson)

(Brandon Dickinson)

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  • nightmares

    possession of ammo with an FID card ? that does not make any sense. those girls are scary looking. i’m gonna have nightmares now

    • Becky

      You are not allowed 9 Mm ammo with an FID card….as far as I am aware you can only legally carry shotgun rounds….

    • wannabesleuth

      F.I.D. only cover long guns and related ammo. The 9mm is a technicality of that permit.

      • Gerald Crochier

        Last I knew you need a handgun permit to have that type of ammo a FID card only covers long arms such as shotguns or rifles only at least it was that way when I lived in Mass back in the 80`s and I was born an raised in that state and also hunted there all the time so I know what I am talking about when it comes to that

  • Batman

    White trash

  • Very Wise Man indeed.

    Gee, who would ever think by looking at these fine specimens of the human race they had a drug problem?

  • tina

    They look like they do drugs they neesbto stay in jail don’t. Let them out keep them in there

  • A Real Honest Opinion

    Umm thats not a drug bust!! Thats users not sellers!! These police officers are.doing so much to bust dealers..but, are so desperate they are arresting users nd ppl who are not even selling..sad

    • bullygrrl

      users are almost always sellers when they get to ^that point^. Do remember that the police conducted a lengthy investigation, as the article stated. They probably have quite a lot of evidence against these people.

      • Mike

        Lot of evidence and money involved in a low level drug bust. 10 bags of heroin is nothing. That’s typical drug user amount. And they had suboxone. That’s a prescription drug that addicts are prescribed. These are low level addicts.

  • Fed up in Chapman ct.

    I live directly behind the apartment these wonderful “high class” citizen squat in. The actual occupant of the apartment wasn’t even home she’s in jail on drug charges! My children have to deal with this daily! Thank u Greenfield PD I know I feel better about my children playing outside now that I don’t have to worry about used needles being left in the laundry room by them anymore!

    • Michael Rogali

      Don’t leave your guard down mom…these aren’t the only junkies around and sadly they’ll probably be back on the street before the cloths come out of the dryer

  • Yoyo

    So sad. Be greatfull that your life is so much better.

  • Yoyo

    Don’t judge others just because they sin differently than you. I pray your heart breaks for people like this.

  • gigi

    A perfect example of how drugs ruin health. They ALL look absolutely unhealthy and depressed!

  • double R

    Funny how comments aren’t as racial when the people getting arrested are white. …I love everyone regardless of color, but the comments most of you put are outrageous. These are social problems not racial, please recognize this & maybe we can actually make a difference instead of degrading people’s culture.

  • dan

    Tina that was dumb as can be…. keep them in jail? Our jails are overcrowded and costing pax payers millions. What they need is LONGTERM treatment, not jail

    • bullygrrl

      …and who, pray tell will be paying for their long term treatment program? Let’s see… the people who are addicted to drugs and probably won’t stop doing them without authoritarian coercion? Probably not. Oh hey, I know- THE TAXPAYERS!

      • Zelda Pinwheel

        And who will be paying for the jail….duh ….tax payers…would you rather they get better…or just say a waist of space….just saying we either way mine as well do something good and help someone who might just get their shit together. ..

    • Very Wise Man indeed.

      The new game for “treatment” is now Suboxone, it aleviates all urges for opiates, and gets them high as a a kite on something else. One high to another, just like heroin and methadone clinic.

      • Colleen Hathaway

        Unless u have any experience with these programs I do NOT think u have any right to judge them! I am a RECOVERING ADDICT (I was addicted to pain meds for my back) and I am on the methadone program and just past my 8 YEARS CLEAN DATE! When u enter these programs however, u have to want to be and stay clean or u will end up addicted to another drug such as cocaine or benzodiazapines (Xanax, Ativan etc.) Just don’t judge unless you’ve been in there shoes!

        • Rowell Lefrancois

          GOOD FOR YOU!!! I FEEL SAME WAY AS YOU DO. Yes there are always the few that will use the system, but there are a lot more that use the help for what it is there for, and better themselves.

      • SUGARBABY17

        NOT true u cant get high off of suboxone !!!!!it’s an opiate blocker.an it’s not trading one thing for other it’s all up to the person if they wanna stop or not i know lots of people who are on suboxone for a short time an got there life together an are doing great now an have been>>>……..

  • dedicated mother

    A Real Honest Opinion..i know these people as the guys are my sons uncle. they do in fact also deal drugs as well as use them. so please do not make comments if you do not know what you are talking about.

    • Andrea Lindsay

      The prosecution will be calling u to testify against them. Thanks for clearing up the issue that they do sell and use.

      • dedicated mother

        nope i will not be testifying about anything. i will in no way play a part in this. that would directly put my children in hars way..not happening

        • concerned citizen

          So put other peoples in harms way?? These scum bags need to be off the streets!!

  • laura

    They all look so gross

  • jerk

    Fuck gfpd that was a setup they been trying to bust us for so long they even assaulted me many tomes just for walking so b4 alll u fags talk shit u should just keep ur mouths shut and that comment from chapman ct ur stupid those must b ur needles seeing we nevrr use needles only that one day wen they got busted

    • Hobie

      You should have finished school and learned how to write correctly. Your name is perfect for you by the way!

    • dedicated mother

      you realize that with this comment you just put yourself out there with telling everyone that you as well as these people are a heroin user.

      • erk da jerk

        Thats right Idid I don’t care itz my life u only live once not like I’m out there killing people and shit like that and people already kno Ido cause Iwas posted on this sight already

        • prtra rey

          Erk, grow up, time to get your life started. and drugs and booze r not the gateway to happiness. look what it has done to your family and generations before. no excuse

        • Just a citizen

          Your actions directly effect the people around you and how hany people have died because of you suppling them with dope

    • concerned citizen

      Your a scum bag herion addict you should be in jail or do yourself a favor next time you put that needle in your arm!!

  • Mike

    Ya sure this is some kind of big bust. Do these people look like high level drug dealers to you? Pathetic. This is why greenfield is going to drown with this problem. The focus is on the wrong people.

  • josh

    If I ever looked like that I would just kill myself, what’s the point of going on?

  • Lisa

    Time to go after the dealers now! This is getting out of hand and people with addiction need help to become clean and sober before it’s too late. Bad enough our kids are growing up in this generation and things need to change!!! Greenfield PD needs to start enforcing the law when it comes to drug use and drug dealers. Can’t even take kids to the park without finding heroin needles laying around!!!

  • Very Wise Man indeed.

    Are teeth the first thing to go with heroin too? I thought that was meth that made people toothless?

  • The Real Guru

    I know all of them. They will never be rehabilitated and enjoy robbing and fucking people over. I had the misfortune of living on Chapman crt for a short time. There are a couple of good families but most are dirt bags. For instance Brad and Heather. I’m surprised they weren’t there with them considering that Timmy has children with that beast Heather.

    • prtra rey

      Guru, all so true!!

  • Worried mother of two


    • Colleen Hathaway

      That makes NO sense! Marijuana is also a drug! If they are stressed/depressed they should seek medical help…I.e a therapist. And they should be put into a treatment facility not jail. If they get treatment then when they get out they will be able to live better lives as opposed to just getting out of jail and going back to doing what they are used to be doing…using drugs to deal with the problems they are dealing with in life.

  • jlau

    the sad part is… these people have children. thank god dcf has taken them all away

  • prtra rey

    i just was released from jail and i am thankful for the time to become sober.Unfortunately I know these guys, I overdosed last year on Heroin and if it wasnt for nacane and my fgiancee beeing a nurse ,i would not b sitting here today writing this.when I came to it I didnt say thank u to her but where is my stuff,I want more,that didnt sit too well with my woman.During the past year I lost many friends, including my best friend Shaun Riggs, rest in peace buddy, u are missed.and all those we have lost, but it inspires me to not look g
    I CAN DO IT. NOW TO ALL THOSE WHO ABUSE THE SYSTEM, THRY GO IN GET THEIR SCRIPT and sell them. no thought for changes. with the support of my loved ones i can do it one day at a time. wish me luck and lets get those who distribute. life is beautiful and icant wait to start new. please wish me luck and recovery. thank u for listening,have a nice weekend..

  • prtra rey

    One thing we see to b overlooking is those two beautiful children thst residet ther. they r now in fostercare away from hurt and drama,that will destroy their lifes. chin up lil ones, my thoughts r withu, i love u

  • Just a citizen

    The epidemic has already started these people are murderers so many people have died at the hands of these degenerates! GPD should start charging them with homicide!

  • aquaintance

    this was just the tip of the iceberg, these guys have been selling and using for many years.

  • Disappointed

    10 bags. That’s not taking much off the street. I wish they had got them at a more plentiful time :(