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Springfield Police Arrest Suspected Gang Member on Gun Charges

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SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB) — Police say that a traffic stop has led to the arrest of a suspected gang member.

Springfield Police Sgt. John Delaney says that around 7:00 p.m. Wednesday, officers were on-patrol in the area of Union Street – not far from where an 18-year-old was murdered on Monday – when they saw a vehicle “driving erratically and make an illegal U-turn in front of them.”

The car was also reportedly occupied by “known gang members,” Delaney adds.

The officers then pulled the car over on Hancock Street, during which a passenger in the back seat was allegedly trying to hid a firearm.

That person – identified as 23-year-old Malik Lowe of Springfield – was ordered out of the car and officers recovered a fully-loaded .25 caliber handgun.

Lowe is being charged with carrying a loaded firearm and possession of a firearm without a permit.

Police explain that they will remain vigilant and will continue patrols in the area.

“The Street Crime Unit and sector cars will pay special attention to this high crime aream making it very uncomfortable for known gang members to move. This was a great arrest getting a gang member and handgun off the streets,” Delaney says.

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  • syscrusherr

    Seal team six could erradicated springfields gang problem in the coursr of. an evening or two

    • hjfhgj

      Seal team 6 would go into the night, and never be found or heard from again.g

      • Bring it on!

        Nigga please….you pussy gangbangers with your 9′s and .40′s would even have time to empty your mags before the seals had you all piled up like the pieces of shit you all are!

  • jen

    you guys really need to use spell check. just saying

  • Agokne

    One-year mandatory sentence if guilty. Let’s count the number of criminals incarcerated for at least the minimum sentence for unlawful possession of a handgun in MA. I don’t think we’d run out of fingers. All the while, the news (sic) media remains focused on guns, and not the criminals who’re somehow immune to the sentencing guidelines for existing laws in MA.

    • Nyrebel9

      I totally agree with you agokne! They empahsis is always tightnening the gun laws even more for responsible legal gun owners. It seems like every other day in springfield, the police are always coming across another stolen gun or possesion without a fid card. The criminals and the mentally ill always get ahold of guns no problem, but if you and i want to legally buy a gun, we are scrutinized and put thru the wringer to legally buy one. As soon as i heard on the news about the massacre out in santa barbara, ca, i knew their would be a sobbing parent and more vows to tighten the already strict gun laws. Gun laws is a hot topic for the media. What they failed to report was the killer blungeoned hus three roommates with a machete. I also read online about a teenager who killed both his parents with a knife, machete and a crowbar after using pepper spray on them because they took away his ipod. In springfield alone, i think all the murders were commited with illegal guns. Aaron hernadiz killed the 2 men in boston with an illegal gun that somehow ended up in our area. The sandy hook shootings aftermath was all about gun control, not how adam fell thru the cracks of the mental healthcare system or how his mom was the major enabler and encouraged his gun use by buying him guns and taking him to the shooting range despite his bizarre behavior issues. Our lawmakers need to pass laws to really deter the criminals; maybe like if you are found in possesion of an illegal/stolen firearm you get a automatic 25 years in prison. Strict laws in other countries are effective deterrants; i believe in egypt, if you get caught drunk driving, you are executed. Needlessto say they have minimum problems with drunk drivers unlike here where people get arrested for dui a 3rd time, 4th time, 5th time, etc. As the elections get closer, gun control is going be more of a hot topic. If obama had his way, all american citizens would be disarmed as a way to control the masses and lead his campaign on his continuing path to socialism. That’s why he’s always challenged on violating the constitution. Go after the real criminals regarding guns amd leave us law-abiding gun owners alone!

  • zxf

    POS wannabe gang bangers driving like dumb faggots. Damn monkey. Throw this kid a banana.

  • PrincessDavina

    2ND Article with spelling errors wtf

  • Tedra

    What is sad is how many large Springfield families spread the disease of crime up and down our streets. Common name , common behaviors in school and on the streets with so called parents there to defend the actions. Raise your kids