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Two Injured Following Afternoon Shooting in Springfield

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB) — Police are investigating a double shooting that took place near Springfield Technical Community College.

Springfield Police Sgt. John Delaney says that around 3:10 p.m., the department received a ShotSpotter activation of several shots being fired in the area of Walnut and State Streets.

Delaney adds that one person was shot in the abdomen and taken by private car to the emergency room at Mercy Medical Center. That person was then transferred to Baystate Medical Center.

A second victim – a female – was found suffering from a gunshot wound to the ankle at the bus stop at State and Federal Streets. She was taken also taken to Baystate Medical Center.

Both are being treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

Delaney explains that a gun was located in the parking lot of the Burger King on State Street and a car possibly involved in the incident was found on Quincy Street.

Azell Cavaan, spokesperson for Springfield Public Schools, says that the High School of Commerce, DeBerry Elementary School, and Rebecca Johnson School were all placed on lockdown for about 30 minutes as a precaution due to the police activity in the area.

Cavaan adds that the lockdowns at those three schools have since been lifted.

S.T.C.C. spokesperson Joan Thomas adds that the college was also locked down for a time, but that too has been lifted.

Police are looking for two suspects. One is described as a Hispanic male, with a dark complexion and has a ponytail. He was last seen wearing dark-colored pants.

The other suspect is described as a black male, who was last seen wearing a white T-shirt, seen fleeing down State Street towards Hancock Street.

Delaney notes that, at this time, the shooting appears to be gang related.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Springfield Police Detective Bureau at (413) 787-6355 or ‘Text-A-Tip’ to CRIMES (274637) and in the message, type SOLVE and your tip.

ABC40 will continue to follow this story and will have more information as it becomes available.


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  • sam

    I used to get upset when ppl post negative comments about this city but in all honesty I must now agree Springfield is a war zone and its not going to get any bbetter time for me to get out of here my kids deserve better it’s sad to see Springfield sooo out of hand

    • rtg

      You are right Sam, and you have figured out the right answer. If you are not a criminal, leave now.

  • alpinequeen

    Geez Louise, can’t they at least wait for night time or the weekends any more?

    • 32 MuddyPaws

      No shootings over the long weekend so they’re making up for lost time. I think they were respecting the veterans; maybe they just ran out of ammo. Who the hell knows anymore.

      • Tarin Chartier

        A young girl was shot and killed on Sunday in springfield so there was a shooting over the long weekend

        • 32 MuddyPaws

          That young woman was shot late Monday night. Last I checked, Monday wasn’t considered a weekend.

          • CORRECTION

            Check again genius, it was a long, THREE DAY WEEKEND, so it was a weekend shooting.

          • 32 MuddyPaws

            Just because we call it a 3-day-weekend, does not make Monday part of a weekend. People think the ‘weekend’ has always been here, like the soil and sky, but that isn’t true. The term ‘weekend’ did not even exist until the 1870s when we were steeped in and bowled over by the Industrial Revolution. If not for labor unions and their “Labor Movement”, Management, Jews, Gentiles and maybe even God for giving us the idea of “day of rest”, we wouldn’t have a ‘weekend’. Just think: If the Jewish Sabbath had been on Wednesday, we would not have a weekend. We would have Wednesday and Sunday off. Something we now call ‘split days off’. It is an interesting history of our time, the Industrial Revolution. Perhaps you’d enjoy reading how weekends were actually brought about by farmers, men, women and children who were thrust into the factories that took over their farms, who worked 16-18 hour-days, 7-days-a-week in those sweat-shop factories. Check out Haymarket Square in Chicago 1886 where police gunned down those same people, men, women and children for protesting for shorter work days and a day off. No single event has influenced the history of labor in Illinois, the United States, and even the world, more than the Chicago Haymarket Affair. That’s “a” day off, not two or three. People died, workers and police, for you to enjoy your ‘weekend’ – whether you want to call it 2 or 3 days, I don’t care, but I ask you to at least know what you’re talking about before you call me names for knowing my American history when you don’t.

          • Huntmy Pckr

            God you are an asshole, aren’t you? Wasting all that time doing your “hunt n peck” typing, only for me to read the title, the author, and know it is too stupid to waste my time on. My guess is, you are the only one who read it.Be an adult and admit you were wrong. He said at least there were no shootings over the LONG weekend, and a holiday on monday makes it part of the weekend, and that includes Friday.

          • 32 MuddyPaws

            Yes. I am an asshole. You said so, therefore, that makes it true. And yet, ‘CORRECTION’ called me a ‘genius’. I guess that makes me a genius asshole or an asshole that is a genius. But I don’t ‘hunt n peck’, I can actually type – about 200 wpm (wpm means words per minute, by the way). I can spell, too, without using the computer to check my spelling. Oh, and I can write a complete sentence with proper grammar and punctuation. And I don’t believe for one minute that you did not read my comment. You are far too riled up and defensive and insulting and by confronting me in this manner you are telling me that you not only read it, you probably researched the Haymarket Massacre and realized I was right. But you like creating havoc and being a bully on these forums, so you call me names and tell untruths about what you read or didn’t read. So if it will calm you down, stop the veins in your forehead from popping out, and let you breathe more slowly, go ahead: call me more names. After all, I would feel just terrible should you have a stroke or a seizure over the Industrial Revolution.

          • Stick Man

            Well said, 32, well said. Cyber bullies are trash and deserve to be taken on , head on. I always look forward to your observations.

          • 32 MuddyPaws

            Thank you. I simply do not comprehend the need for name-calling, flying insults, ethnic slurs, personal attacks and someone getting filled with rage over another individual’s opinion. It is just an opinion, after all and we all have them. We may not always all agree (what a boring world that would be!), but there is an acceptable manner in which one can disagree without being disagreeable, nasty or crude. And while others on these forums may attack a person in retribution for something stated, I try very hard to rebut the behavior without stooping to the level of attacking that individual. I just don’t see a need for it. By tomorrow, no one will even remember what is written on this forum as we’ll all be on to something else. But I cannot sit here, read some of these personal affronts directed at me or anyone else, without stepping up and addressing the inappropriate and unacceptable behavior.

          • Clown Lips

            My oh my Huntmy is a cleaver little puppy isn’t that so? Yes, because you misinterpret someone that actually has the courage to post an observation, you come out of the little troll box and must personalize it and perform as some mindless blow hard. You must insult in order to feel taller it seems. Some how, because you state something, you magically assume it is then so, don’t you. You are comical as a little angry puppy looking for something to bark at, this is evident by your pontifications on the little soap box you occupy doing your sad side show. You are a coward. Are you sure your not a wise man? I think others are sure you are not. Go in the corner and die you boring little troll. At least Muddy Paw thinks before she post, has courage, and contributes, all of which you fail at.

          • Bostonian

            Why complain and bash the city …its every individual’s responsibility to live accordingly! There are lowlife uneducated hood rats everywhere in all parts of Massachusetts ! Crime is Crime but i do note that with all these shootings its ridiculous ..when it comes to identifying the perpetrators They all go mute! BUT want to be protected by the cops! I SAY TO THE SPFLD POLICE ..YOU GET A CALL FOR A SHOOTING ) WELL DENY THEM HOSPITAL CARE UNTIL THEY GIVE UP THE INFO NEEDED TO HELP SOLVE THE CRIME!

  • Chris Snelling

    Do not despair, perhaps the incoming chief of police will kick some ass and forget abut taking down names. Time for the police to turn up the heat and clean this city up. Maybe the good folks at WGGB should have a weekly follow up program on the “state of the city” in one of the news segments. I know that I would be interested. Get Chris Pisano to do it, ‘cuz he looks like he’s all business. I get that the news is supposed to be impartial but you all live here too !! Don’t you want some change? I bet Brendan would get a great story each week too.

    • 32 MuddyPaws

      I have a suggestion to go along with your good idea. Install flame throwers in all police cruisers – and every morning a street sweeper could just clean up the cinders of these scumbags that have absolutely terrorized and ruined the city.

      • Rags

        Don’t worry. The casino is coming and that will fix everything

      • Calvin Broadus

        How shall we identify these “scumbags”, exactly?

        • dsf

          Identify them???? You really think anybody this sick cares if they take along a few innocents too?

  • jenn

    here is an idea why don’t we just put martial law into effect and start a curfew what do people’s lives not mean enough to the police department to spend extra money to make these children feel safe so they can go to school and get an education without fearing being shot on the way or through the window weather sitting at the desk for my children can play outside in the front yard and not worry about if they’re going to lose their life riding a bike

    • gfddfsg

      An extra “n” but just as stupid.

  • Tashonda Epps-Richardson

    obviously the current police chief can’t handle the position!

  • Joe Schmoe

    I’m gonna go ahead and bet that this shooting, as well as EVERY other shooting this year in the city, was not committed by a law-abiding citizen. I am absolutely sick & tired of hearing about how new gun laws are gonna make us all safer…it is time for the PD to do their jobs, and for the F—ing prosecutors to hold it up on their end. The goddamn politicians are clueless about how ineffective gun control is. Open your eyes assholes!

    • FUjurk

      You suck cock too you fucking fascist piece of fucking garbage.
      There, swearings allowed tonight, so I’m getting mine in while I can.

    • FUjurk

      And trust me on this, we are sick of hearing from you pro gun assholes who are the real cause of all these murders. Scum like you supply the guns, then want the laws to be more lax? Trust me fuckhead, if I had a gun, you would understand why they have gun laws that keep guys like me from owning one.

  • Purge

    We should have a purge day like the movie

    • hghgjfghjjhgf

      I know just where to start. What’s your address?

  • SopasDePollo

    This shooting might be retaliation for the murder of the 18 yr old girl. Honestly, we just bought a house a year ago in the city and we’re already thinking about selling it. The city is out of control and it’s sad because when I was growing up it was a great place to raise a family.

    • Vicentina

      Good luck selling…property values are going through the cellar


      You bought a house in SPRINGFIELD? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

      • SopasDePollo

        Well, it’s not in the heart of the city but yes

  • TBonePickens

    What’s a shotspotter?

    • Sharon

      those are devices that are placed around the city that picks up when shots a fired around the city. it sends a signal to the police station indicating where the shots where fired.

  • Elinor

    This city needs to be cleaned up! How many more deaths and shootings do we need before something is done. No ONE is safe here any more!!! We are in need of some law and order?? When do we get that? Just awful to admit I live here.

  • jen

    This is y I don’t live There even afta grow in up there for 22 years ill b damned to raise my three kids there no one should raise kids here

    • ohgeez

      Leest you’n leerned ur reedin and writin there reel good.

      • Sky

        Well I guess thats says alot about you than huh

  • Alicia

    God please have mercy on Springfield… why is it that I had a feeling there was gonna be another shootout right after Lay Lay got shot?

  • dfdf

    Wow! Middle of the day broad daylight now. Good luck Springfield, you are toast.