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Dad Loses Gun After Argument with School Principal

Police3ARLINGTON, Mass. (AP) — The superintendent of Arlington schools is apologizing for a lack of communication after officials confiscated a gun from the father of an elementary school student following an argument with a principal.

The Boston Herald reports that Superintendent Kathleen Bodie said in a message to parents, students and faculty that communication to the community could have been better.

Police confiscated the gun of Robert Goodwin Jr., suspended his gun license and ordered him Friday to stay away from the Stratton Elementary School. Police say principal Michael Hanna reported that Goodwin flashed his gun permit in an argument over his child’s drawing and said he had access to firearms at home.

Goodwin says he did not threaten Hanna’s life in any way.

Police say Goodwin has not been charged, though an investigation continues.

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  • alpinequeen

    If you flaunt it, you lose it.

    • Mom

      We agree. Do you shoot yourself in the head? Or shall I?

    • Yep


  • Faulkner Vonnegut

    Part 1: Stratton Elementary has been home to Principal Hanna
    for the past two years, after Hanna was summarily ousted from Marblehead
    and passed over at Balmer because of his obsession with student
    behavior over academic performance. If that sounds like a
    mischaracterization, then please see the Wicked Local article that
    comment restrictions won’t let me link, where Hanna was clearly let go
    because he refused to conform to newer, more rigorous academic
    standards, and also see another article that comment restrictions won’t
    let me link, a transcript of the Balmer principal interview, where in
    Hanna’s own words, he is willing to toss an entire six weeks of
    academics in favor of ensuring a system of robotic student behavioral
    compliance. Mr. Goodwin’s son is no different from any other
    fourth-grade boy. He loves his little brother, Minecraft, and his
    friends. However, this school year, Hanna has systematically singled out
    boys at Stratton and urged their parents to have the boys medicated to
    ensure docile compliance in school. Mr. Goodwin has steadfastly refused
    to subject his son to addictive, brain-altering medication and has
    instead on numerous occasions asked his son’s teacher and principal to
    focus on developing more challenging curriculum for the classroom. To be

    • hgjh

      you honestly believe anyone will believe the stupidity you posted? 4 parts of something needing toilet paper. A principal insisting on students being on meds or getting more severe punishment if they don’t? I am also concerned with your mental health, and am glad they took one gun away from you, hopefully they’ll get the rest before you hurt someone. You need med

  • Faulkner Vonnegut

    Part 2: A few weeks ago, Hanna approved a showing of the popular movie
    “Despicable Me” at Stratton for a whole-family event. On Wednesday, June
    4, Mr. Goodwin went to Stratton to pick up his son after dismissal and
    was playing basketball with his sons and other students when Hanna
    approached Mr. Goodwin on the basketball court. Hanna gave Mr. Goodwin a sketch his son had drawn in class of a scene
    from “Despicable Me,” the film the school had just shown to families.

  • Faulkner Vonnegut

    Part 3: The scene involves the minions and ping-pong b@lls. Hanna told Mr.
    Goodwin, in front of everyone on the court, that Mr. Goodwin’s son had
    drawn a sketch of male organs, that his son needed to see a
    psychotherapist, and that his son would be subject to harsher
    disciplinary action next year if he did not get medicated. Hanna’s actions on the court alone violated federal student privacy
    laws, federal laws governing retaliatory action in schools, and laws
    concerning the practice of medicine by those not authorized to do so.
    abruptly left the court and returned to his office. Mr. Goodwin went to
    Hanna’s office and explained that his son had drawn a
    scene from the school-approved movie involving a ping-pong gun, not
    male organs. Mr. Goodwin then took out his gun license and told Hanna
    that he has a license to carry guns, which he certainly did not have
    with him, and that he could tell the difference between guns and male
    organs. Hanna told Mr. Goodwin that both were dangerous.

    • upyers

      “and laws concerning the practice of medicine by those not authorized to do so. Here’s just one example of your stupidity and insane accusations. I have news for you, saying someone is sick, and needs meds” is not practicing medice as you try to say this guy did.
      The same stupidity exists thruout your rationalizations that make no sense, and nobody is stupid enough to believe them based on the evidence here.

  • Faulkner Vonnegut

    Part 4: Mr. Goodwin explicitly told Hanna that he would not medicate his son and
    that he did not want the issue brought up again but that he did want
    Hanna’s illegal medical recommendations submitted in writing for
    documentation purposes. Then, Mr. Goodwin left, and instead of providing
    written documentation of his illegal actions, Hanna had the police
    confront Mr. Goodwin the next day (Thursday, June 5) with a no-trespass
    order barring Mr. Goodwin from school property, insisting that he had
    felt threatened despite the fact that he had instigated the argument by
    telling a parent, in full view of all of the students, that his child is

    a pervert. The police also informed Mr. Goodwin that he was to transfer
    his son to another public school next year. Mr. Goodwin agreed and was
    reassured that the issue was settled. On Friday, June 6, however, police
    showed up at Mr. Goodwin’s residence to confiscate his gun license and
    the rifle he legally owned. Mr. Goodwin then went to Stratton to
    withdraw his son and called to have his son brought to him, per the
    no-trespass order. Hanna took the phone and told Mr. Goodwin that he,
    Hanna, would try to legally bar his son from leaving, which he was
    unable to do. Who is the real perpetrator here? Why is there no
    investigation of a principal who lacks any medical accreditation and who
    is bent on vengefully forcing parents to medically lobotomize their
    children? Why is the headline not about a concerned father trying to
    protect his son from a wolf-in-pleated-khakis determined to see genital
    imagery in children’s doodlings? Why is the article focused on a man who
    broke no laws but not the educator who has definitively violated
    federal law and infringed upon children’s civil rights?

  • Faulkner Vonnegut

    Please be aware that the gun in the photo accompanying this story is a stock photo of a semi-automatic handgun, and the article irresponsibly neglects to inform its audience that the photo creates an inaccurate association with the article. The gun police confiscated from Goodwin was a hunting rifle that Mr. Goodwin had never even used but had purchased with the intent of legally hunting. Mr. Goodwin does not own and has never owned a handgun, nor did he allude to owning any, despite any initial claims by the principal.

    • Mom

      Please AL, save your crap. Nobody here has the attention span to read all that but me, and I’m not going to.

      • ghfgfh

        Much less believe any of it. These news forums are great for misinfo. There is no telling who posted it, or their motives. The internet is make believe. Keep that in that frame of mind, and it cannot hurt you.

  • Permit

    So because he pulled out his permit he is now a criminal ? Wtf is that ? Does that make any sense ? That might be one of the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

    • hihihi

      No charges filed stupid.

    • NoPolitician

      Makes sense to me. If he threatened someone implicitly by stating that he owns a gun, he should lose that gun.

      • Scott Harris

        Absolutely not. A clear violation of his second amendment. If he flashed his drivers license should he have that taken away and his vehicle too? There is much more to this story and what happened, but if he simply flashed his permit, that is in no way cause for him to lose his rights.

        • gfhhg

          He threatened him idiot, that’s a crime. the ID was immaterial and only confiscated because a gun nut was making threats.

        • nuts

          He can flash his drivers license because a car is not a deadly weapon designed explicitly to kill. A point lost on you gun morons.

    • dd

      So you would have no problem if he made threats against you, and told you he owned a gun and flashed the permit. That wouldn’t bother you? In the eyes of the law that is Assault, it’s a crime. Stop trying to defend your fellow criminals. My guess is he has more than one gun in his house, and only gave the cops one.

      • Scott Harris

        No, I would not take it as a threat if someone flashed me their gun permit. I’m not that thin skinned. I would probably congratulate them and show them mine.

        • jjjjjj

          You still don’t get get it do you dumbazz? His threatening him saying he owned a gun was the crime if any occured, the permit only made it a more valid threat.

        • rgf

          Oh my, what big, bad, he-man you are Harris. Gee, by your pic I notice you are a 90lb punk who probably got beat up regularly, and rightfully so, until he bought a larger penis. You poor little man.

        • rgf

          That skank with you the best you can do?

    • tfgf

      He has not been charged, he is not a criminal. Try reading the article first.

  • Gunownersrjurk

    ABSOLUTELY TYPICAL! The very reason idiots own guns, to threaten others.They LOVE that power. The post below is the average gun idiot. He cannot read because no charges have been filed so he is not a criminal, only under investigation for one, and I sure as heck don’t want someone being investigated for a possible violent crime involving guns, to keep their guns while being investigated. Isn’t that common sense?
    Your post is the dumbest thing I ever heard/read.

  • Doggone

    I don’t see the reasoning for confiscating a firearm permit other than this state becoming a totalitarian police state that wants to prohibit the citizens from having firearms. This is exactly the mindset of Nazi Germany under Hitler. Beware!!! They will come to your house and confiscate your firearms!!
    I hope this works out for the boy and his father. Next time show your driver’s license and see if that gets confiscated.

    • hgf

      The state only wants prohibit citizens with criminal records from owning guns. So is that a good idea, or bad one?

      • Doggone

        It’s a great idea that I support. However the people that actually use these weapons don’t have permits and give a c–p about our laws. My comment was in regard to the knee jerk overreaction of the authorities due to all of these school shootings done by mentally deranged individuals. Personally I think Mr Hanna needs evaluation.

        • ssss

          No but the gun laws DO prevent access to guns. You can’t just walk down to the corner and buy one. I would have no idea where to begin to look to buy an illegal gun. You can however go break into a gun owners house and steal them. The gun laws are effective, because I know a lot of people who would own legal guns if they could, and that is a very bad thing.

          • Doggone

            Sssssss, I think YOU know the wrong people and that’s not good!
            Oh, and buy the way, I’m not a gun nut and I believe that anyone with stolen firearm should be locked up for 25 yrs.
            Let’s wait and see how this all turns out, and, also, a personal attack on people who post here is not in the best interest of this site and I recommend that that the editor takes notice of this to prevent any more ignorant rants.
            Have a nice day!

          • me

            Just because you wouldn’t know where to look doesn’t mean they don’t! Would you WANT an illegal firearm? I’m pretty sure anyone that would break into a house to steal a gun (which true gun owners would have locked up correctly and not easily accessible) WOULD most definitely know where to go to obtain an illegal firearm. A lot of times the gun finds them.

        • ssss

          You propose no gun laws? Do you have any idea what that would lead to?

        • ssss

          Oh really? You know these people then? Their minds are open to you. Saying they don’t care about a year in jail is pretty stupid.

          • Doggone

            And you know the law?

          • Doggone

            Lol, first of all where does it say that Goodwin threatened Hanna with a gun? All he did, according to the news story, was show Hanna a firearms license to prove he was a legal gun owner and he knew the difference between a real gun and the picture that his son had drawn. From there the whole conversation got distorted with wild assumptions.
            So don’t go calling people with viewpoints contrary to yours “stupid”

          • ssss

            I never said he threatened him with a gun. You on dope? You believe the news? I don’t.

          • Justin

            Are you honestly so stupid to think anybody is going to believe that BS story? You must be the guy, or just so twisted and gun sick you just make up the truth as you go along. He threatened him, he deserved to lose his gun until the investigation is over. I know if I were the victim I don’t want the alleged nut to have the gun knowing they maybe arrested at any minute. Common sense, something gun owners lack as demonstrated by the one calling him a branded criminal, when actually as of the articles writing no charges had been filed. Not even smart enough to comprehend what he reads, if he did at all. Probably just looked at the pictures.

          • me

            The article states…Hanna reported that Goodwin flashed his gun permit in an argument over his child’s drawing and said he had access to firearms at home. The story you don’t believe states…Mr. Goodwin went to
            Hanna’s office and explained that his son had drawn a
            scene from the school-approved movie involving a ping-pong gun, not 
            male organs. Mr. Goodwin then took out his gun license and told Hanna 
            that he has a license to carry guns, which he certainly did not have 
            with him, and that he could tell the difference between guns and male 
            organs. People lie and blow things way outta purportion when they are mad and things don’t happen the way they want them to!! There are always at least 2 sides to every story snd the article is only telling one!!!

          • Doggone

            Thank you. It’s heartening to see some logical comments on this post.

        • ssss

          “all of these school shootings done by mentally deranged individuals.”
          You know why Doggone? Because most gun owners are mentally deranged individuals. Sorry, but that’s the truth in most cases. You are a bunch of paranoid nuts.

    • hgf

      BTW if he showed his drivers license and said the same thing about access to guns, then the end result would be the same.

      • hgfdhfgd

        EXACTLY! He is making threats and saying he owns guns, so if he showed his FID license or his AAA card the end result would be the same.

  • Doggone

    To further this discussion if there were no charges and without a restraining order from Mr. Hanna I don’t see any reason for the police to unconstitutionally confiscate any firearms from anyone.

    • Factz

      There is a trespass order from school grounds. Darn good reason right there.

      • me

        Not when the incident happened, there is one NOW, because of what allegedly happened.

        • be wise

          The confiscation of his rifle was after the trespass order was issued, in fact several days later. Pay attention and keep up.

  • me

    There are 2 sides to every story…you telling me you believe the news?? I can tell you FOR A FACT that thry don’t get the whole story and put people on blast over a bunch of half truths and bold face lies!!

    • what crud

      No, I said I don’t believe YOU. I made no mention of the news.

      • gfg

        In fact I give “the news” credit for not repeating the silliness you post about forcing meds on kids etc. If true you wouldn’t be the only complainant.

        • me

          I am not the original poster! I’m just saying you OBVIOUSLY believe that the article is correct and exactly how it happened because you are not willing to read and admit that what the OP posted could have very well happened and that someone (the principal) could have lied to the police about what actually happened. The police and news don’t investigate anyhing. The news just prints what they are told and the cops just leave it up to the court to figure out!! I know for a fact…because I know of 2 stories in the past few years that were complete lies…I was a witness to both and was NEVER called to give a statement (even tried to go down there after I read the story on here and told the police that wasn’t how it happened at all and that there were plenty of other witnesses they could ask and they wouldn’t even listen…told me to go home they had all the information they needed)

          • HFYGJUTY

            Your just the same blowhard with fresh lies to back up your stupidity, but with a new ID.

          • gfh

            So now you post lies? You are sad. It takes a really, really ignorant person to push such lies and think they are fooling anyone. That is why stupid people are on another level of consciousness, and cannot perceive how stupid they are being.

          • Plant spotter

            Um no, what I was saying is his post is full of idiotic crap like accussinig him of practicing medicine, when all he really did was call his kid a name and say he should be on meds? That’s just stupids exaggeration, and tells you he’s a plant.

        • me

          Sorry that was supposed to be to “Crud”

  • Scott Harris

    Learn spell before calling someone an imbecile.

    • markh

      Shut up twat.

  • ginger234

    Rgf it was over a drawing of despicable me character with a fake gun. The principle was stating his son would not know the difference between the fake guns of gru and real lige. Thats when the license was shown stating I have firearms and and was getting at the point that his son knows the difference as any responsible firearm owner teaches to their children. So stfu and go rim oboma or something

  • http://www.clubozzhuntsville.com LaRue

    Man… forums really get little people to acting like big bad gangsters. You internet gangstas trip me out…

  • Guest

    Lot’s of shit talking online, I bet nobody here would say half of this to anyone’s face.