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Mom Says 3-Year-Old Forced to Pee in Seat on Plane

JetBlueNEW YORK (AP) — A Massachusetts woman says she was nearly kicked off a JetBlue flight after her 3-year-old was forced to urinate in her seat.

Jennifer Deveraux tells Boston TV station WBC-TV that the incident happened Monday on JetBlue Flight 518 from New York to Boston.

Deveraux says the plane was delayed on the tarmac and her 3-year-old daughter, Summers, asked go to the bathroom.

But Deveraux says the flight attendant said, “No sit down,” and Summers urinated in her seat.

Deveraux says she got up to clean the mess and the flight attendant yelled at her again.

Deveraux says the pilot announced that a non-compliant passenger was being brought to security.

But in the end Deveraux was allowed to stay on the flight.

JetBlue says it is investigating the matter.

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  • Nyrebel9

    That flight attendant is a sadistic sob! That was cruel what she did to that poor child. I hope she/he gets fired! I hope the mom sues for emotional distress as both her and her child were both verbally abused and humiliated!

    • ItsMeSpfld

      While I agree that it was wrong for the attendant to not let a child use a restroom, thinking that it’s okay to sue is asinine. No one was injured, and other than a little embarrassment, there was no harm done.

      • tatyana

        Absolutely she has to sue! It is the only way to prevent this to happen, to create negative publicity and make them pay. Airlines were given unlimited power to strip us our dignity if they choose to and we have to resist it. FAA rules allows use of the bathroom, so flight attendant and pilot should be sued personally for child cruelty and Blue Jet as a company for employing physiologically unfit and abusive employee

  • Debbie

    This is a problem for many people when you are held captive at the tarmac for hours while they are lined up to fly off. Passengers have no rights at this time and this is one of the reasons I never fly unless absolutely necessary.

  • That’s horrible

    That’s crazy if I was the mom I would of freaked out imagine what that poor little girl felt like having to pee in her pants . This is ridiculous I hope the mom does something about it . I feel bad for the little girl and mom how embarrassing .

    • banker

      Oh come on now, I pee in mine for fun, especially in line at the bank.

  • Happyconservativegal

    How long was the delay? We always make sure the kids go right before we board. Was the plane just about to take off? There is more to this story.

    • tatyana

      3 years old wanted to pee, and she or her parents do not have to explain why, end of story!

      • Happyconservativegal

        No, it is a parent’s responsibility to make sure that a child uses the bathroom before getting on the plane. She may think her child is a “princess”, but she is not. Once the plane is ready for take off, 200 other people are not going to have their flight delayed because a stupid mother didn’t bother to bring her kid to the bathroom.

        • tatyana

          Wow….Just wow…You must be very unhappy person if you can call someone you don’t even know “stupid”

          Why do you think mother didn’t’ take her daughter to the restroom before boarding? is there a limit now on how many times child can pee.

          • moo

            Stupid cow

          • kelly

            Some people must not have children or remember their child being 3. My son would go and 5 minutes later have to go again. If a child has to use the restroom, you better do it at that moment. If they are delayed, they have a the right to use the restroom. The flight attendant was in the wrong here. If they were just taking off, understandable. But it was a delayed flight. You never make a child wait to use the restroom.

          • katiesue

            you do not know the reason for the delay, how long was the delay, read the FAA rules they are not allowed to let passenger out of seat on the tarmac or runway area. It is safety protocol but if long delay they should have returned to the gate.

          • tatyana

            FAA rules allows use of restrooms while plain is on tarmac.

  • Jessica

    Sometimes kids have to pee even if you already made them before boarding. This is terrible. The flight attendant and airline should be ashamed of themselves!

  • sdds

    I peed in much worse places than that.

  • sdds

    Anyone want to swap pee stories?

  • Rick

    Why would this even appear in the news?

    • Wrickky

      How to explain exactly to a Rick. Lets just say they lay a black ink onto a white medium in certain shapes, and this shows up.

    • Pee. Urines

      It’s PEE Ricky, PEE makes big headlines and sells newspapers. You could just write PEE across the front page and gain twice the readership that day. People just LOVE pee.

  • kj

    I was once forced to pee on an ex GF, by her so it was OK.

  • calsfdude

    Is that not great? With JB, you have the ability to pee and poop in your own seat.. no need to go to the bathroom. no need to clean up.

    Don’t feel humiliated. Just behave like an animal. Thanks to JB.

  • fecetal odor

    I like taking a dump in my pants in line at the bank. People let you go ahead once they whiff it.

  • tatyana

    Emotional Neglect

    Emotional neglect of a child is child abuse and cruelty. When a parent or caretaker fails to provide psychological care, affection, attention..

    Emotional Abuse

    Emotional abuse is another form of child abuse and cruelty. Examples of this type of child cruelty include locking children in closets or the utilization of bizarre types of punishments. This kind of behavior can emotionally and mentally scar the child, causing mental, behavioral and emotional disorders.

    • katiesue

      the parent did not neglect her child

      • tatyana

        flight attendant did

  • alpinequeen

    This is a FAA rule. However, the rules were changed in 2010.

    New U.S. Department of Transportation regulations on tarmac delays went into effect in late April 2010. So how do the new rules protect air passengers? Here are some highlights:

    Airlines must return planes to the gate and let passengers off any time a flight is sitting on the tarmac for three hours.

    Airlines must provide passengers with adequate food and water within the first two hours of any tarmac delay.

    Adequate toilet facilities must be maintained and made available to passengers during the delay.

    Airlines must designate one employee to monitor flight delays and cancellations, respond to passenger complaints, and instruct passengers on the
    complaint filing process.


    • AL Sr

      You wanna blow me?

  • Pee Wee Herman

    I like peeing in my pants. It’s a nice warm feeling.