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Judge: No Bond for Dad in Boy’s Death in Hot SUV

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MARIETTA, Ga. (AP) — A judge has refused to grant bond to a Georgia man charged with murder after his toddler son died inside of a hot SUV.

The judge’s decision Thursday means Justin Ross Harris will remain in jail. Prosecutors laid out their case against him before that ruling, portraying him as a man who was unhappy in his marriage.

A detective also testified that Ross had looked at a website that advocated against having children, and that Ross had exchanged nude photos with several women while his son sat in the hot car.

Ross’ defense attorney argued there was no evidence the boy was left inside the car intentionally. Attorney Maddox Kilgore says the testimony about the nude photos was simply meant to publicly shame his client.

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  • Entity79

    I get sick to my stomach every time I see this…my heart aches for this precious little angel taken too soon. :(

  • Bridgette

    Why has the wife not been arrested? She also searched online of the temps to kill a child????? She was in on it too!!! I think.

    • Entity79

      I agree with you on this and have been wondering the same thing myself.

  • Marsha Greene

    This case is very disturbing – the comments from the parents are very disturbing. Seriously doubting that this was an accident. too many missed opportunities to notice the child was in the back seat.

  • Entity79

    The reason I dont feel its an accident: they (both parents) searched toddler deaths in hot cars because THEY claimed they were “so fearful” of it happening. I call BS. As the parent of a toddler, anything that worries me causes me to be extra anal about those particular things and preventing them. They should both be thrown into a hot car, strapped down to the seat, with no way out and experience the same tragic death they researched and executed on an innocent baby. Just sayin’

    • syscrusherr

      Put them in a hot car just to the point of death..then take them out and give them water and cool them down…repeat this several times before actually letting them die so they can truly know what they did to that baby

  • Stone him

    His lawyer said there’s no proof he knew the baby was in the car…the mother f’er put him in the car that’s the proof. If he’s that dumb then he should be in jail so he can’t reproduce ever again.

    • Dave

      He can still have anal sex in jail, and reproduce attorneys well enough.

  • Meggie

    The evidence overwhelmingly points towards him being guilty. I’m so sick to my stomach after watching this. He had absolutely no emotional reaction to anything AT ALL! That’s disturbing in itself. Kudos to a great prosecutor, and hopefully the judge will be the same throughout the entire trial. I believe in a fair justice system- and Cooper will get the justice he deserves! Rest in Peace sweet baby.

    • liz

      i give a lot of credit too to the lead detective on the stand. he held his own. kudos to him.

  • annette chapel

    thank god finally the criminal justice system is doing something correct…go put him in a locked car in the desert and handcuff his arms and legs and lets forget about him…karma sucks

  • annette chapel

    oh yeah he is such a loving and caring father so much so that he killed his own kid fry this guy

    • liz

      yeah, i wonder what his church friend thinks of him now after hearing (in person) about the sexting.

  • annette chapel

    Have they never heard adoption instead of murder….and neither parent even cried had it truly been an accident u would be hystetical..when my son was 3 i was cutting his nails and cut his finger he didnt cry but i did u feel what your child feels if u r connected which obviously neither one of these so called wonderful loving parents were…r.i.p cooper

  • KellyShae

    HOW in the hell can any parent go to ChickFilet, eat with their toddler before work,
    ‘forget to drop off at daycare’, sit at work with a ‘fake brainfart’ of no memory of leaving
    his baby boy, dying in backseat — while he is sexting women during his 8hr shift?? Then to leave work, have the audacity to get back in the vehicle, STILL not realizing anything is wrong with a baby carseat right behind him!! Nonsense!,.Hope this Pos fries in jail with his ‘new friends’ who hate baby killers. RIP baby boy….they didn’t deserve you.