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Angie’s List: Fire and Water Restoration

November 27th, 2013
(WGGB) -- Whether your home as suffered a tiny bit of smoke damage or complete fire and water destruction, the cleanup process can leave you feeling overwhelmed. Angie's List says it might be a good idea to hire professionals to clean and...

Angie’s List: Cleaning Your Gutters and Downspouts

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November 5th, 2013
(WGGB) -- It's a fall chore no one likes to do, but if you don't clean your gutters regularly, you could be asking for trouble. If you can't or don't want to got on your roof or a ladder to clean your gutters, call a professional to do the...

Angie’s List: Choosing a Contractor for Your Home

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October 22nd, 2013
(WGGB) -- These days many homeowners opt to make improvements to their current home. Your house is your biggest asset, so you want to make sure your hire a contractor who will get the job done the way you want it. When interviewing your...

Angie’s List: Selecting a New Refrigerator

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October 15th, 2013
(WGGB) -- If your refrigerator is preforming poorly, it may be on it's last legs. Now is a good time to be on lookout for deals as stores will be making way for new models before the end of the year. When large appliances, like the...

Angie’s List: Tax Credits When Choosing a New Furnace

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October 8th, 2013
(WGGB) -- The average family spends at least $2,000 a year on energy bills. More than half of that goes to heating and cooling your home. If you need to replace your furnace, now may be a good time - tax credits for qualifying products...

Angie’s List: Cleaning Your Home’s Air Ducts

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September 26th, 2013
(WGGB) -- As the weather gets colder, you turn the heat back on and that means warm air is moving through ducts that haven't had air flowing through them in months. So, is there value in cleaning your home's air ducts? Air duct cleaning...

Angie’s List: Trees Add Value to Your Home

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September 10th, 2013
SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB) -- Trees can add up to 15 percent to the value of your home if they are well-maintained, but when planning and planting, you need to be sure you're accounting for what they will be like when they are full grown....

Angie’s List: How to Spot a Leak

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September 3rd, 2013
(WGGB) -- Have you ever received a water bill at home that seemed unusually high? The reason for such a drastic increase is usually a leak somewhere. We often don't think about the plumbing in our homes, until something goes wrong. A...

Angie’s List: Organizing Your Garage

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August 27th, 2013
(WGGB) -- The garage ranks as one the most disorganized room in the house. It can become a dumping ground for toys, sports equipment, and tools. However. that garage clutter may be costing you more than just space. If you're overwhelmed...

Angie’s List: Pet Fences

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August 20th, 2013
(WGGB) -- When you feel dog-tired, the last thing you want to do is take Fido for a stroll. An underground or wireless pet fence can be a great option for pet owners who don't want a physical fence between them and their neighbors. "An...

Angie’s List: Doctors Office Wait Times

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August 14th, 2013
(WGGB) -- Do you play the waiting game at your doctor's office? If your answer is yes, it can be quite frustrating. In a recent Angie's List poll, 65 percent of the respondents said they waited an hour or more to see a health care...

Angie’s List: Protecting Your Cell Phone

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August 6th, 2013
(WGGB) -- If you're like most people, your cell phone is within reach, but with all that usage, your phone is more likely to suffer some damage. Cell phones today have become a life line for most of us. We carry them with us wherever we go...

Angie’s List: Securing Good Childcare

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July 30th, 2013
(WGGB) -- Choosing a child care provider is a big decision. You want your children to be safe and secure when you're not around. You need to start your search for child care much earlier than you probably even imagine. About the time...

Angie’s List: The Importance of Keeping Your Car Clean

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July 26th, 2013
(WGGB) -- Driving around in a clean, shiny car feels good, especially on a warm summer day. Cleaning your car regularly also helps remove dirt, bugs, and other elements that threaten the appearance of your car. Getting your car washed and...

Angie’s List: Rebuilding After a Storm

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July 17th, 2013
(WGGB) -- We're well into the summer storm season. Angie's List is warning anyone who's suffered wind and hail damage to be on guard against people who offer to help rebuild, but who aren't qualified or even prepared to follow through. ...