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EASTHAMPTON, Massachusetts (WGGB) — An Easthampton business owner is doing all she can to make things a little bit brighter for the veterans living in the Holyoke Soldiers’ Home.  She’s doing it “one card at a time” and is Making A… Read more

SOUTH HADLEY, Massachusetts (WGGB) — Martin Luther King Day is not just a day off in the town of South Hadley any more, it’s a day of service. That’s what Martin Luther King Day has become in the Hampshire County town. A year ago, Neighbors… Read more

SPRINGFIELD, Massachusetts (WGGB) — These days, kids with school and sports and other outside activities have little time for other things. But a Westfield boy is doing all that and still finding time to give back and Make A Difference.  12… Read more

HOLYOKE, Massachusetts (WGGB) — Some Holyoke school children will soon be doing a lot of reading, all thanks to Link to Libraries. The Sullivan School is benefitting from Link’s newest initiative for all children entering kindergarten in Holyoke… Read more

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB) — Ray Guillemette Junior has been entertaining people around the world as a Ray of Elvis for 23 years. From the early days in the fifties to the concert days in the seventies. Each year for the last six year around… Read more

NORTHAMPTON, Massachusetts (WGGB) — If you’ve lived in and around Northampton for any length of time, there’s a good chance you’ve been to Cooley Dickinson Hospital. Like other health care facilities, it’s dealt with it’s share of cuts. But it… Read more

HOLYOKE, Massachusetts (WGGB) — There was an unveiling of sorts Thursday morning at a Holyoke school. An unveiling that shows that a lot of paint and even more heart can make the difference in the lives of some young women looking for a fresh… Read more

HOLYOKE, Massachusetts (WGGB) — Holyoke’s new transportation center on Maple Street is not only a transportation hub. It’s a technology hub too. The Thomas Gill Community Technology Center is the centerpiece. It’s designed to help create new… Read more

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Massachusetts (WGGB) — A cancer diagnosis at any age is devastating. When it comes during the prime of one’s life, it’s even worse. But a local man is using his cancer diagnosis to try and make a difference. Steve Hoey says he’s… Read more

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WGGB) — Western Massachusetts is home to many talented artists. Actors, theater techs and directors, who, until 15 years ago, had very few places in which to showcase their talents. But that all changed when the Majestic… Read more

HOLYOKE, Mass (WGGB) — People from all walks of life came together Wednesday in Holyoke to try and make for a better life for a city neighborhood. To the casual observer, Holyoke’s Hamilton Street Park looks very appealing on a sunny late… Read more

SPRINGFIELD, Mass (WGGB) — He’s the lead singer for the group Staind and has embarked on a solo country music career. In spite of his overwhelming success, the one thing Aaron Lewis has never forgotten is where he grew up. Recently, Lewis… Read more

WILBRAHAM, Mass (WGGB) — For those of us who don’t really understand Wall Street and investing, this week has been enough to make your head spin. But for 22 high school and college students, it’s been a learning experience, one that’s making a… Read more

LUDLOW, Mass. (WGGB) — A community comes together to honor a young man who gave his life for his country. Current and former Ludlow High School students came together Thursday to take part in the Sergeant Joshua Desforges Physical Fitness… Read more