UPDATE Jan. 3, 2014 11:00pm – We are pleased to report a tentative agreement has been reached with DIRECTV. The deal should be signed and finalized in the next couple of days. We’d like to thank the viewers who receive WGGB on DIRECTV for their patience during this negotiation. We wish you a very happy 2014.

UPDATE Dec. 28, 2013 10:00am – Hello Viewers. We hope your holiday season is a joyful one. Our negotiations with DIRECTV are ongoing and as such, we have granted another 7-day extension to keep our signals on the air. Hopefully, this situation will be resolved soon.

UPDATE Dec. 13, 2013 7:00pm – As Gormally Broadcasting continues to finalize an agreement with DIRECTV for the carriage of ABC 40 and FOX 6, we have offered a good-faith, 14-day extension to DIRECTV which they have accepted. They have informed us that our signals will be up this evening. We appreciate your patience.

Dec. 9, 2013 10:00 PM – WGGB is continuing to negotiate with DIRECTV to achieve a resolution to the blackout of our ABC and FOX TV signals on their system. While we still have significant differences, we are hopeful that their most recent response will lead to a resolution of this matter. Stay tuned.

Update 12/3/2013 11:00 AM EST: WGGB has heard nothing from DIRECTV regarding our most recent proposal sent to them last Friday to keep our signals on their system. I guess their customers in Greater Springfield are just not a priority. DIRECTV opted to discontinue discussions over the weekend despite our repeated requests to talk and work things out.

It is my understanding that DIRECTV is now informing customers that WGGB is to blame for your ABC and FOX stations being removed from their system by seeking astronomical price increases. Nothing can be further from the truth and DIRECTV knows better. When it comes to fees, all WGGB is asking for is to be paid what DIRECTV is paying the other local network affiliates, NBC and CBS, to air their stations in Greater Springfield. Is that being unreasonable? As I stated in the letter below, WGGB pays for the right to be a FOX and ABC affiliate and satellite and cable operators pay us in turn to retransmit that network programming along with local shows and news.

I encourage you to contact DIRECTV to voice your concerns and demand they bargain in good faith to return your local ABC and FOX television stations, for which you are still being charged. Or, for those of you who can, switch to Comcast or Charter who, whether you like them or not, employ hundreds if not thousands of people in our community, support numerous local causes and charities, and have local offices; none of which DIRECTV can claim.

Update Nov. 30, 2013: Our agreement with DIRECTV expired at midnight November 30, 2013. Despite repeated efforts, we could not reach an agreement with DIRECTV to keep our TV signals on their system. We regret this has happened and will continue to negotiate with DIRECTV until a new agreement can be reached. In the meantime, you can still watch ABC40 News and your local FOX6 News at 10, live streaming on wggb.com. Please check back periodically for updates. Thank you for your patience.

Update Nov. 25, 2013: DIRECTV has finally responded to our offer to keep our ABC and FOX signals on their system in Hampden, Hampshire and Franklin counties. Unfortunately, DIRECTV has rejected virtually every key point of that proposal and, as such, appears intent on removing our signals Dec. 1, 2013. We will, however, continue our efforts to reach an agreement with DIRECTV nonetheless.

Dear WGGB viewer:

As the owner of WGGB-TV, I want you to know I am doing everything possible to ensure DIRECTV continues to broadcast our ABC and FOX signals. For more than a year, WGGB has bargained in good faith with DIRECTV to enter into a new agreement to air our signals but to no avail. We believe we have been incredibly patient and reasonable in our approach and hope DIRECTV will agree to our proposal so that you continue to receive the quality news and other programming you have come to expect from us.

The broadcast TV business is dynamic in nature with the business model continuing to evolve. When I purchased WGGB in 2007, the networks were paying stations to broadcast their programming. Today, stations pay the networks for the right to be affiliates, and satellite and cable operators, in turn, pay us for the right to air that programming. This reversal is due, in part, to the expensive rights fees the networks incur to bring you your favorite sporting events, like Major League Baseball and college and professional football, and quality shows like American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, and Modern Family.

In the event DIRECTV decides to reject our proposal, we encourage you to explore cable television or over-the-air reception with an inexpensive indoor digital TV antenna that you can purchase from any local Radio Shack. I certainly hope it does not come to that, but our contract is in the hands of DIRECTV. One would think a $33 billion company would agree to our more than reasonable terms. We will see.

I encourage you to contact DIRECTV and voice your concerns.

Very truly yours,

Gormally Signature
John Gormally, Owner