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May – Grilled Kabobs

There are few things I like better in the summer than that fresh feeling after you’ve showered after a day on the beach, and dinner on the grill. The smell and the smokiness it leaves in the air are pure heaven.  Plus my husband is the grill master at our house so usually a grilled dinner also gets me out of doing the cooking!

First of all, if you haven’t been to Nadim’s to have his kabobs yet, you really have to go. From the chicken and beef to lamb, kafta and turkey, they are all amazing!  At my house we went with chicken.  I marinated the chicken in a basic marinade, soaked the skewers and then loaded them with the meat and some veggies too.  Inside I prepared some simple couscous.

Out on the grill Keith, my husband, did as Nadim told us and rotated the skewers every couple of minutes.  This ensured even cooking and kept all the juices inside the meat.  The size and type of pieces of meat you skewer will determine how long you keep them on the grill.  Overall I was very pleased with the result.  The chicken was tender, had amazing flavor and was still juicy.  The veggies were crisp with just the right amount of char to them.  I LOVE grilled veggies!  However next time I make kabobs I’ll definitely be stopping at Nadim’s first to pick up some toum.  I was missing it!

The best way I can describe toum is that it’s like a garlicy mayonnaise. Beware, this stuff is addicting!!!!  I’ve even asked for extra toum when ordering take out from Nadim’s and have saved the leftover toum to use on panini’s or burgers later in the week.  Nadim gets such rave reviews on this little amazing condiment that he’s now packaging it for you to take home!

All in all the kabobs we a success!  I’m excited to see foods we try next time!!!!


April – Nadim’s Mediterranean Salmon

In this month’s simplyliving I was invited back to Nadim’s Mediterranean Restaurant and Grill in East Longmeadow. This time not only did Nadim invite me back to the kitchen to cook, he also taught me a recipe that I needed to try to make at home.  Below you’ll find the recipe for Nadim’s Mediterranean Salmon.   I have to first confess.  My salmon wasn’t even CLOSE to as good as it is in his restaurant. This recipe is robust and full of flavor.  It’s one I was excited to make at home because my husband is a big fan of salmon.  Usually we grill ours but this was a nice departure from the norm.  Here’s how you can make it at home, you will need…



Lemon Butter Sauce (a mixture of chicken stock, butter and lemon juice)


Artichoke Hearts, quartered

Red onion, thinly sliced

Kalamata Olives, sliced

Roasted Red Peppers, sliced

Cherry Tomatoes, Halved


First heat your saute pan with some oil.  This oil will be removed before making the sauce which is nice and keeps the recipe much more healthy as well.  Take your salmon and lightly coat it in flour.  This actually prevents your fish from sticking to your saute pan and was probably one of the most useful tips I learned that day!  Once your oil is good and hot add your fish.  Let the fish saute for a few minutes depending on how you like your salmon cooked.  At the restaurant they usually serve this dish medium.  I actually prefer my salmon cooked through so I kept mine on a bit longer. Now it’s time to flip.  I did this carefully using tongs as well as a spatula just to make sure my fish didn’t break apart in the process. Once you’ve flipped the fish let it saute for a few more minutes.  Now after the salmon was mostly cooked Nadim just took the fish out of the saute pan with the oil and into a dry one….well I don’t have quite as many pans available at my home so I removed the fish and set it aside and carefully cleaned the oil from my pan and set it back over the heat.  I added my fish back in as well as a couple of ladles of the lemon butter sauce.  Get that going at a good simmer and let it reduce down.  Add your vegetables at this point and continue to let the sauce thicken and reduce.

As Nadim does in the restaurant I served my salmon with a rice pilaf and then made an extra side of broccoli as well.  In the end it was a beatifully colorful plate and definitely something I would try again in the future.  If you haven’t already I highly recommend trying the Mediterranean Salmon at Nadim’s.  It’s a wonderful, flavorful dish great for someone who is looking for a heart healthy meal. Happy cooking everyone!